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Today's show is brought to you by ibm by the end of this podcast nearly ten thousand new mao wear variants will have launched now ai can help protect your data from threats wherever it lives with ibm security let's put smart to work learn more at ibm dot com slash smart i'm carissa sure executive editor of recode you may know me as the general in charge of the militia etheridge in my spare time i talked tech and you're listening to rico decode podcast about tech media's key players beguiled and how they're changing the world we live in today in the red chair is chris cure cough a former partner at the pentagon silicon valley office d i u x which stands for defense innovation unit experimental what an aim it funds private companies in exchange for commercial products that can solve national defense problems he's also visiting technologist and harvard university's institute politics chris welcome to rico decode thank you so when i met you you were working for ash carter that correct was explained that this dui x because i think it's really interesting there's the cia has an innovation unit here all kinds of government agencies do but ashes a real taika file you have to give him credit his vision so beca events secretary under president obama you've been in two thousand one he was merely professor carter kennedy school government he wrote an article that said the rated which commercial are india's growing is quickly going to surpass what the federal government that defense foreign spence are in d and so you know less than generation from now the defense department is going to have a real problem it's going to be out of touch unless it pivots to private are in d and so he he wrote that article in two thousand one of course fast four in twenty fifteen he becomes secretary of defense one of his first initiatives is essentially making that pivot habit right so that's where myself and three other founding partners get launched out here to silicon valley so you got it because we had ashland a show when he was defense secretary was a great show and he had some really interesting stances on a lot of things encryption he weighs with president obama on that issue i'll kinds of shoes but wh how did you get to do that and.

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