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A has been a big thing that's fairfax county police major frederick chambers there were over twelve hundred more shoplifting incidents in the first half of this year than over that same period in 2022 according to a new mid crime -year report it's been a consistent thing mainly at our large shopping centers but also at our other retail stores such as walmart's chamber says police have been working with stores on prevention strategies such as checking receipts or do we need to move merchandise in the store to a different location and there were also nearly six hundred more assaults in the first half of this year but according to chambers many of those are are related to domestic violence situations scott gilman wtop news wtop at 204 thursday morning the suspect in the death beloved of a local teacher from greenbelt making his first formal court appearance this week for that case on thursday the accused killer here was already behind bars were told on domestic violence assault in a separate case a defense lawyer for harold landon the third told a judge prosecutors lack any hard evidence tying him to the death of a teacher from greenbelt she tried to argue the remains authorities say belong to the teacher known as madam sila haven't even been positively identified the body has been identified as the victim prosecutors saying that DNA taken from the body matched madam sila's toothbrush defense attorney brie jones also questioned the pictures used to connect landon to the murder assistant state's attorney john church the defendant identified himself in those photographs states attorney aisha brave boy says she will be the one prosecuting this case this one's personal it's just very it's very personal at the courthouse number Marlboro john dome in wtop news wtclp news time now 206 students locally at duval high school he didn't land passed through weapons detectors for the first time actually this week on wednesday this comes just days you might remember after a sixteen -year -old girl was shot and killed very near the school some students say they were surprised to see too long lines at the school's front entrance and plenty didn't make first period on time after waiting to walk through the metal detectors basically we had to stand a long line this morning and it made me leave for class it was annoying because i'm trying to get to class and so many people are in the way but many students say they extra margin of safety it was good i like it because it's now it's good for everybody it's safety i feel like we kind of really need it because like you'll never know what kids bring these days some students pointed out that the prince georges county school system announced plans in august to install weapons detectors but these came after shooting the death of jada madrano moore in lanham dicculiano wtop news where it is this morning a funby accounts raising money for jada's funeral and burial has brought in over seventeen thousand dollars so our county public school center of attention making go you may remember when thousands of students were never picked up by their school buses or got to class really really late a driver shortage among the problems were told part of the solution here is to move class times for about ten minutes to better accommodate school bus schedules and to make sure no child is left behind for example we're told the high school and middle school classes that used to start at eight a .m. will now begin at seven fifty in a letter home home to to families this week the school superintendent says it's been frustrating for him knowing that thousands of students are experiencing making delays with that have a cut into instructional time at certain points and he's determined he says to get this fixed the new schedule starts in a week it's 207 on WTOP good morning your car donation to vehicles for change is worth way more than just a tax deduction vehicles for change repairs and provides cars to worthy families so they may gain and maintain a job most of our recipients are single mothers with small children is virtually impossible for them to navigate life without a car in addition we train individuals returning from prison to be auto mechanics if you have a car to donate please donate to vehicles for change at vehicles for change dot org your car will be transformational for a local family that there is the morning september 14th welcome in to wtlp time now is 2 0 8 get a precision ac tune up for only I'm thinking whether on the eights and when it breaks good morning to rich hunter in the wtlp traffic

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