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Hello. And welcome to savor. I'm an eerie, and I'm Laurin vocal bomb and today we're talking about ice. Yes. And this is one of those things I can have because my two. Oh, really? Oh, man. Yeah. But I actually mean did not like ice before that. Oh, really? No. I thought it was taking up space that could be used for more drink. Oh, I like I like cold and I lived for like fourteen years in Florida too. So it was pretty important to my lifestyle. I like a chill drink without is. Does this impact your cocktail decisions? Like, if you're at a cocktail bar, do you specifically try to order straight up drinks rather than on the rock strings? I do like street up drinks better. But I also appreciate that rocks. Slow you down in the case of alcohol specifically like different nights that I might be aiming to have ic- you. But despite all of this I have embarrassment of riches when it comes to ice molds. I've got like any Star Wars thinking imagine the millennium. Falcon is my favorite this fear goal thing thing, I'm not sure why I love a big cube who doesn't love a big q right? Show was that person. Please. All right. It's all brings us to our question. I. What is it? Well, ISIS frozen water done done. Yep. Cool. Well, that's over with. Now, we know the technical details that go into ice being frozen. Water are really fascinating. I promise you're making a face like, you don't entirely believe me. But okay. Let's break this down a little bit follow along. Okay. All right. I basic physics review any given substance has a temperature which it solid at which it's liquid and at which it's gas, right? Yeah. There's also plasma and like a few weird ones. But most of those are not going to get served to you in your glass of root beer. So let's concentrate for now. Okay. If you apply increasing energy to a solid like plastic or iron the molecules in it will become increasingly energetic..

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