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Charges but the opera house will conduct an investigation of its own in a 1987 interview with the new york times levine dismissed rumors about sexual abuse saying there were reports of a morals charge and pittsburgh or hawaii or dallas that cbs's kelly waldron reporting from new york wbz news time 511 time for us to check the world's ports patriots shark up another win wbz's giardi birds you're on with the very latest from the aticketcom sport's studio good afternoon mike member the patriots started to into well now they've won eight nro tenant you on the season 600 this season on the road 823 two three win over the bills today in buffalo online game was was good for us um defensively italian thing to three points feel pretty good about the whole thing stops in the red area now it just falls kansas star grind it out you know against so that's a tough football team on the road and the division and i thought the in our our guys the ads coach bill bella checked the patriots rush the ball today for one hundred ninety one yards and the defense held the bills to just two hundred sixty eight yards in total offense patriots were 435 and off fence steven gostkowski three field goals in the first half to keep the team in it it was nine three at halftime and then rex burkhead two touchdown runs in the third quarter one from a yard out another from fourteen yards out tom brady threw for two hundred fifty eight yards and the patriots now ten up into down onto miami defaced the dolphins one week from tomorrow night here are the four o'clock scores from the nfl secondquarter oakland leads the giants seven nothing the charges have a six nothing lead on winless cleveland in the second quarter carolina end wore liens are tied at seven in the first quarter the rams already out to a sixteenth nothing lead over the cardinals in arizona college football announced earlier today the four teams that.

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