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Lawmaker charged with manslaughter. I'm Beth Myers and the news radio 1000 Katie. Okay, News center State Senator Alison I. Clea Freeman of Tulsa has been charged with first degree manslaughter for a crash back in May on the Turner Turnpike during heavy rain that killed a Bristol man who hydroplaned and was in a dish on the side of the turnpike. The highway Patrol says Freeman was speeding when she lost control and her vehicle spun and hit 44 year old Enrique Lopez's car and he was killed. Lincoln County District Attorney Alan Grub tells News four. He believes the manslaughter charge is appropriate believe, based upon the investigation that Uh, and the allegations in that investigation that there were several underlying misdemeanors that lead to this result, this this accident and the death this individual, the highway Patrol says Freeman was going more than 90 miles an hour at the time of the crash, but she told investigators her cruise control was set. It's 75 Freeman was seriously injured in the crash and underwent surgery and rehabilitation well, Governor Kevin Stitt will provide a covert 19 update tomorrow, his office says. He and healthcare leaders will hold a news conference at two PM on Tuesday at Theo You Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City. The governor meanwhile, says Oklahomans pulled together back in April so we could safely reopen the economy and he's asking for that same unified effort once again. To slow the spread of Corona virus and keep Oklahoma and safe,.

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