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Year, he previously worked as a senior counterterrorism advisor and investigator for the U House .S. Committee on Homeland Security. Coming up after traffic and weather, closing out the worst month for the market so far this year. It's 908. Get a Precision AC tune -up for only $59 .00. traffic and weather on 8th the and we go to Mary De Pompa in the WTOP Traffic Center. Alright, thank you and good morning Luke Lucre. We'll go to straight the Beltway which we're still having a nice run of it both in Virginia and in Maryland but on Maryland the side, Prince George's County. They ran the inner loop near Arena Drive for the crash. Now you other might side of the Beltway. All of your ramps to or from Arena Drive with caution until they find this crash. On 95 in Maryland, Beltway to Beltway is still at speed. The northbound wreck that was reported near 695 is totally out of your travel lanes. Now Now 295, Baltimore -Washington Parkway extended running south and passing 695. May have a new incident. Watch for any responders there. Eastern Shorebound be advised that in 10 -10. 404 officials say eastbound at the 404 Business Gay Street exit. The lanes were blocked. You'll be following police direction with a little bit of a backlog but 50 itself between Queenstown across the bay No surprises. So it was still two lanes each way at last report into the Beltway even inside of the Beltway into Northeast Washington we were riding well but in Northeast be advised if you're on your way to Costco Costco this morning and you're leaving South Dakota Avenue that ramp from between B Street and New York the Beltway. Paving. You have a detour posted and it is a hefty workaround we've heard from listeners. In Virginia with big roads doing well still an overturned vehicle in Fairfax Station Clifton Road East of Wolf Run Shoals between Sandy Manor and Split Rail Lane you'll be following police direction. TD SINEX public sector has a deep roster of IT solutions and extensive tracked vehicle portfolio and a channel partner network to get the solutions you need right now. That's TD SINEX .com married to Pompa WTOP traffic. 7 News first alert meteorologist Steve Rudin. As we move through the morning we're looking at cloudy skies but those clouds will slowly dissipate as we through move the late afternoon hours with temperatures

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