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Of isis a threat can't ignore we are expecting him in just a bit but in the meantime as i mentioned serious goingson in parts of the country although i do believe it's been packaged in a rather bizarre way are mm i'm taking a look at this so one piece postively was mark fisher sank democrats sinn trump and trumpism a firm our message with election night thrashing goes on to say that the ralph northants those decisive victory in the virginia governor's race delivers democrats a much needed win a jolt the momentum heading into next year's congressional elections and a taste of the potential uh that could be generated from president trump's historic unpopularity and then he subsequently goes on to point out where he sort of in contradiction with himself and when he goes on the right northants triumph along with upset victories by democrats over republican incumbent in the state legislature march voters first major repudiation of the trump administration but as the peace also points out no republican has won a statewide seat since two thousand nine so it leaves scratching your head of how howard victories in virginia in example of national rejection of trump how is that howard victories in virginia in any way shape or form an example of a sort of national rejection of trump he goes on to write cool eight east quoting others odds the clinton kid lose some from of the watson center for public policy research he's we are seeing something extraordinary something even the northen campaign never anticipated a phenomenal ta should of trump and trump is up said clinton studies virginia politics and runs the wazzan center for public policy christopher newport university in newport news quote these democratic wins or in the hillary district those districts that have republican legislators what went for clinton last year this is the democrats dream come true unquote a.

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