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Back with a positive test and one other is sick and waiting for test results those who need help in Elizabeth or west, Elizabeth boroughs should still call nine one one other nearby departments are helping with coverage they're. More Dr Pepper is on the way the company confirms there is a national shortage of Dr Pepper due to the pandemic but there're urging their fans and customers to hang tight the company tweeted it's running low on flavors and working to restock Sharman. Then replied welcome to the club we feel your pain. Toilet paper among the first items to run out during the pandemic but it is back in stores. Now, most of the nation though still waiting for disinfecting wipes to return. This is big news for me because I have a Dr Pepper betray and I'm just hoping that they can. Fill. My order within the next couple of weeks because I am running low my supplies low. A new viral video on twitter captured a humorous but embarassing moment involving evolving technologically challenged a man from Scotland reports say the man was trying to play music through the television when he accidentally streamed video from porn hub for the whole family to check out family members are seeing laughing and screaming as the red face man tries to desperately cl- close his browser. That clip has racked up over six million since it was posted last month. Mick Jagger says, he's just like everyone else when it comes to working through the pandemic he's hunkered down in France probably in a castle. So not really like everybody else but he tells the La Times that quote it's not really locked down where I am now just people are very safe and keep distance and they wear masks if they go shopping or out anywhere. If you go into a store, you have sanitizer at the door. Then you go out another door. If there's another door, it's all very organized. It's just the same as everyone else we've all had to change. Our lives in lots of ways even though things of kind of eased up in Europe a lot opening up and stuff it was a bit of a shock to the system. Then we had to postpone the stones tour. So that's a bit of an unknown factor as to what next year is going to bring for all parts of the entertainment business. Really I don't know what the live show for Rock and roller pop music is going to be next year I don't see much happening maybe this year in some places, but I don't know what's going to happen and quote. while. You can't see him on stage. You can check them out in his latest film, the burnt Orange Heresy, which is opening in drive in theaters. Originally, it did originally opened in. March but theaters were of course, forced to close due to the pandemic. Every time I hear somebody talking about life in Europe or other countries where they've got things under control and they're like, yeah, it's no big deal. I mean we're all just doing the same thing and taking the same. Precautions I would love to see their reaction to you know dropping those people in the middle of Fort Myers Florida. Go. Enjoy Society tell us what. Give us a report at the end of the day it what you saw, but are you guys kidding me with this like? I got yelled at people were calling me homophobic names. Wearing a mask. That's right. That's right. That's how it goes here. And the valves point he's he's in a castle. So it's not like everyone else. It's a lot easier to distance when you have a moat drawbridge. No doubt about it? Yes. Well, that point should not be lost. Yes. It is very easy for rich people in the age of this get by, but they're still inconvenience which is why they want everyone else to go back to work. So they can have more than Nice enough and but they've been social distancing from everybody else forever. Will Smith. Is involved with a new version of the fresh prince of bel-air this time though not a comedy, he plans to turn it into a gritty. The idea came from. Morgan Cooper who created and directed a viral video on his youtube last year that presented the show taking place as a drama in modern times. Cooper will be an executive producer on the show and is also expected to co write the script with Chris Collins. I watch will smith movies. I just can't what it and it's I. Think it's because he was the fresh prince of Bel Air that I can never take it seriously and last night I flipped one on I. Didn't know it was. Will Smith Movie Gemini Man Have you seen that. I don't know there was four will Smith's in a car though he was driving three other will Smith's around and I started laughing so hard I was like if this is an update on multiplicity I'm in because I want to see well, Smith do the Jeffey character. It turns out that wasn't that at all and then he's like. This holds no allure for me at all him as an action here. I've never bought it. Just never I know he's huge star and people love him out begrudge him just not my thing because I look at him and I'm like, where's Jazzy? Jeff like if it's not the two of them, I, I'm not that interested in. Really. Not because I think he's funny but I don't buy the action stuff. If you watch the bad boys movies. Those are really fun and good action movies and I am legend is pretty good. Other than that. He's made a ton of movies and I haven't seen most of them I would say, but but those are good and when he played Ali, he was pretty good. He's very good in Ali no doubt about it, but it seems like all of his action movies involve him being the last person left on earth or only four of him. He's always driving around empty city. Jay keeps cheating on him. Finally dwayne Johnson the highest actor of Twenty, twenty the rock is at number one on the annual. Forbes list for the second year in a row. He made eighty seven point five, million last year. which seems low I would have thought it would be over one hundred million. Ryan Reynolds Seventy one point five, million Marky Mark Fifty, eight, million Ben Affleck fifty, five, million. And according to the story all four of those actors getting big paychecks from net flicks. So I don't know what Ben Affleck's Ben Affleck has on Netflix but. Mark Wahlberg didn't he just release that didn't Mark Wahlberg relief just released that movie with WHO's our friends? Elisa. Elisa Yeah. Yeah forget what that movie's called. It's it's not. It's not great but it was big for a bunch of weeks. You know how Netflix's has that top. Tan or whatever movies that people were streaming, and that was that was a big one. He's another star another action star. That I don't. I don't really get because he's he's out of breath since nineteen ninety-one. I turned on planet of the other night and he was out of breath immediately the first seeing the popped up he's out of breath. She monkeys. Talking to each other. Informed crude. VIN diesel made fifty, four million. On one believable, I don't know. was there wasn't there. I think there was some kind of action movie that was released during the pandemic. Maybe he must have he must have points you must be getting box office money you know. Akshay Kumar I don't who he is. I looked up his picture. I still don't know who he is I. Think he might be a bollywood actor forty is. Lin Manuel Miranda forty five, point, five, million will smith forty four and a half million. He's got a split Adam Sandler. All the other. Forty one million and Jackie Chan forty, million dollars. Cash Jan makes a ton in the Asian market I. Don't mean the one in the Strip district I mean the movie, the Asian. and has for a long time..

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