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The stuff changing stuff changing growing well thousand years. I will say. I'm not going to ask you to say the exact number you. You hit a quarter century. A quarter century. Load a hit that alert. I haven't hit the half-century yet okay. I was leading. Yuck before before and trying to be nice to be nice man. It's still you would think so by the Yeah like pretty soon. It's like right now looking like a bus it asks wolverine emma still still having a forty fives but in the forties. We're approaching fast. Which is interesting. i'm waiting. I'm ready for forty five because that pushes me from a jujitsu competition perspective into Masters four so. I get the play with all the jarrett's all brothers it's gonna be awesome. Hopefully that will say your body a little bit too because so so let let let's transition back. If you say it hurt and sign it hurts. I'm with you man. I told you look pre show conversation. Right now i got low sciatica the the the the right side of my body is completely numb. Ducks got me on his own. Yeah steroids get parents. Don't call me after the show. They want because what you talking about you nor go wait a minute sick so talk a little bit about that. You brown belt brown belt. We know these things. It's not it's not come on. we go around. I know. I know yeah brow mama. Carlson group proud carlson gracie bulldog about. I've been promoted by a massive carlson gracie from every about Of course with my professor at a carlson gracie menefee orlando alonso. Who's who's a cuban brother. he's he's awesome so i've been with him at the school there since he opened in two thousand thirteen. This was a spectator sport for me. I was like this. Is it really. My jam is a heavy cigarette. Smoker good goofy fat dude and not as the guards back today. even even through this year. But i've cut those out as well. Messed up had a cigar tin father's day this year. It was a gift some but yeah i've been been training. I guess seven and a half years now and if progress fairly good Hopefully in the next year or two. I met black belt right there. Just gotta stay on the mat. Stay focused and consistent again. It's the things in life are really about consistency right consistency and prioritization. We always talk about like. Hey you need to make the the commitment and have the discipline like look without steph without really committing prioritizing things that are important to you and being consistent in that follow through it none of these other things you want to throw up in the air. As as what's important are important so staying on the matt training trying to stay healthy like that's a challenge for you know. I'm not the twenty two year old wrestler that bendy and enable to move like i used to you know have gotten not cove it because i don't think this is a fair time. Assess my my Wait challenges. I tell you what going to the beginning of this year i was. I weighed as much as i didn't. my sophomore year high school. I say hats expecting moving pretty well. was competing Just feeling feeling awesome But kobe hits and things slow down a little bit..

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