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Or if you want a free cheeseburger, you just point there shall not right and you might get one. But I mean, there's been such hard work that's gone into it. Clark Hunt Tae be a hunt to the hunt family have gone above and beyond. With this, uh, Mark Donovan organizing this whole thing for players in a crazy situation. Has done phenomenal. So and his crew they done great job. Can I tell you? I feel so good? For Andy Reid that that monkey is off of his back. Andy Reid has been one of the best coaches in the NFL for 20 years. People don't remember the type of dire Straits the Eagles were in when he took over. The Eagles were in a bad way back in the early to mid nineties until he took over. There was a lot of debacles. There were the Rich Kotite debacle. There was Ray Rhodes debacle. There was a lot of debacles in Philadelphia and Andy Reid took that situation, overtook Donovan McNabb and turn them into a contender every single year. Ah, parade of NFC championship games and a Super Bowl. I realize it and win the big one, and I realize that he moved on to Kansas City. Again could not win the big one. But he has been one of the foremost offensive minded football for 20 years and is almost always a double digit win guy. I mean, go through his records, He always wins 10 games or more. And for him not to have the championship ring was so unfortunate because it made people think that he wasn't a worthy of that, and now he's broken through that wall, and I can't wait to see what Andy Reid does. Now with that pressure off of him. He's got The best quarterback in the NFL. He's got unbelievable offensive weapons, and now he didn't have the pressure of Oh, God. What's it gonna take to win a championship? What's that internal pressure like? What's that external pressure like? What's it like for a franchise that hadn't won a championship in 50 years? I just love this. I can't wait to see what he does. I feel so good for him and Part of the reason why I love him is there's so little ego there like what he's asked. Well, what you gonna do with this with this big, fat, multi $1000 ring he's going to say Well, flash. Maybe I'll get a free cheeseburger every so often like that's where his scent of it is. That's where his North stories, which is exactly how I'd feel exactly. Which is it's a great championship ring. But really, I'm not into jewelry. And if it gets me a free beer cheeseburger, I'm good with that. That's exactly how I would feel. Don't wear wristwatches don't wear necklaces don't wear earrings. Hell, you could barely get me to wear my wedding ring. I just Want a free cheeseburgers. That's it, If that's what he gets up. I'm totally happy with that. 100% happy with that. That is so great. It is why we love Andy Reid and Morales, by the day read proves why he's an all time great. Four quotes like this, that is extremely humble. And I would also say Indy. I mean, you're a big boy like me, can you, Brad shout? It seems like every time we do a food store with Andy Reid, it always circles around cheeseburgers. So.

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