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You just gotta live with it forever because they want underwater. Maybe going over top smart until you get your own alien like you on musk smart. That's what you need your own alien. I, I don't know how anybody thinks he'll on isn't an alien at this point. That's how far into Ilan must be alien than I am. That's how far I Matt Groening time, traveler. You won't. Musk is a meal. I think we're all in sympathy. Maybe there's so many people, I think maybe after the show we, we maybe do a lot of research and we put together kind of like a grown at what you did for going on and then just are whipping out how do you create a car that's faster than Orlando, Ferrari and everything like that has no guests technology. What alien technology he speak into the mic. So and he didn't speak English either. You just go. He ran his words together, but I heard alien technology. Hawaii NS at the zoo killed the father of three clubs over the weekend suffocating to death. Strangled that mother fucking thing. I seem dateline like this. It's not good wives. Do. Eric thought they were. They were together for eight years. So it's about the Margaritas. Together forever. Case together, it's like divorce enough. Really. Really hit home in the jungle for Todd McCullough. NYPD is recalling almost three thousand body cams for one ignited and blew up over the weekend. So we got hover boards, vape pens and now body cameras was the Samsung buddy cameras, probably batteries. This also sounds like a possible. Yeah, they're blowing up. Sammy pull the body Kansas. If you saw at the one blew up one fucking detective sergeant over. I'm not doing it. Texas. Body cameras on every gun. Yeah, I'm gonna right back in precinct. Do five right back in. I won't worry blow me up. I won't be safe. It seems like. Host of parliamentary show. Nick Bronco blows collarbone house right here on. It's right here on the bottom. We have an your hurt yourself in Schmidt makes a list of things we should talk about each show. Very nice. Normally, I don't stick on today. We did. We've knocked out everything to be honest. I mean not everything on there, which is good. Probably pretty good shelf. I had to guess I assume it was rake Ruth released from prison for almost twenty years. We've talked about that right yet. I don't think it should have your thinking she'd been released. Not all murders are created, equal this type of murder where you kill your pregnant, girlfriend hire some either way. Same thing. I don't think that's a twenty year everything that's probably worth like a fifty year. It's very interesting because when I mentioned earlier it was like, well, people respect like you do your time right for the Crump by the way his his lawyer, David Rudolph staircase lawyer was rake Ruth lawyer. David Rudolph wanted me good deal. Tatum. David Rudolph was his lawyer. So I got a chance to talk to David Rudolph privately after the interview with my show about everything. And he was like, Erik gross getting out to this October. He was a client of mine house, like who's regular with us like all Carolina Panthers player who. Hired somebody to code one from his girlfriend or whatever. Yeah, David Rudolph was his while it is crazy, very, very small world for him..

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