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From the KFI twenty four hour news room the first sound of vote new Hampshire's presidential primary is chosen Mike Bloomberg three of Dixville notch his first five voters road in Bloomberg just after the stroke of midnight one of those was from a Republican since both parties are holding their primaries today the other two opted for people to judge and Bernie Sanders another midnight voting town called Hart's location at a whopping eighteen votes in the democratic primary the top three choices were eighty clubber sorry Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang clubs are also led the midnight voting town of mills field supporters in New Hampshire of shouted four more years at a rally in Manchester president trump told the crowd yesterday the survival of our nation is at stake if you want your children to it hurt the blessings that generations of Americans have fought and died for to secure then we must devote everything we have toward victory November third twenty twenty John says Democrats are the party of high taxes high crime open borders late term abortions socialism and blatant corruption a new case of the corona virus has been confirmed in San Diego county for the first time health officials say the patient was on a government flight last week from Wuhan China to marine corps air station Miramar or people from that flight were taken to the hospital with symptoms but they were tested and released after negative test results one of them is now back at the hospital it's the thirteenth confirmed case of the virus on American soil now the quarantine is ending for nearly two hundred Americans who were flown from China to March air reserve base in riverside county none of them have tested positive for corona virus that started in Wuhan people from other U. S. government chartered flights are still under quarantine those are the ones in San Diego northern California Texas and Nebraska state Attorney General hobby year but Serra has accused the LAPD of falsifying information in a gang database Talagang tracks gang activity statewide our task is to make sure the cal game system works and is as transparent as a campaign of this era says office got a complete last month at LAPD have been entering false information into the database he says the goal now is to make it right I don't believe anyone wants to see a law enforcement tool that could help us keep our community safe not work properly or be abused didn't have exact numbers on the bad data but says LAPD does stand to lose its access the AG's office and the LAPD are conducting separate audits Monica Rick's KFI news high school principal in Washington state who suggested Kobe Bryant deserve to die as quit her job Liza Sikora had been put on leave for an online post our after Bryant's death two weeks ago that said it seems like karma had in her words caught up with the rapist Bill five men.

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