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Johnson and plan in johnston i'm not sure what is excuses no mike flynn who gave the email was honestly it was it was the humble brag of all humble brags i was on it mamand schatzi then live shots as on it last night you already gave me the thumbs up live jets like it was like like all brag it's like well i know i was supposed to work on saturday by on such a good coach bob in the playoffs saying and guess what i can't work this saturday or next that accurate i heard a screen china that for future use yeah ed says i i if there are any nfl gigs opening just make sure you understand that might what has coached is i don't even know what what grade level we're talking about are we talking residing high school are we talking at junior high who knows but are we talking about your nfl head coach zip powder puff he got his powder puff team to the playoffs where we talk about some level of pop warner right so just say bella check if you're listening and you got an opening on the staff and you'll have another one of your kids you want to hire maybe mike flynn is an interesting option because he coaches theme to the playoffs case you didn't hear which is why jones's solo you're on a saturday during johnston in flint six one seven seven seven nine zero 985 all your tax and 6'9 985 like that's over i had not only can rip odd mike flynn i could reply bill bella check for hiring all of his kids all in one fell swoop its this it's really next level you have a way of just addressing everything we own sweeping statement now bill if you want hired other word of your kids or mike flynn does up pleasant it when got his powderpuff team to the playoffs to look out for that in the meantime let's get to your phone calls here mark is in blackstone where you got today mark hey john would not man what cha uh we've never spoken before we have not uh you've you've heard my baritone thinking that don song oh that's you yeah and john guy yes great great work mark congratulations now and i'd like to give a shout out to.

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