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Okay. So much is wrong with this. I would think that it would be very useful for Connie honestly to sit down maybe with a lovely MS west with Kim Kardashian, and they could watch the great Daniel day Lewis movie Lincoln because that's all about how ABRAHAM LINCOLN was the driving force behind getting the thirteenth amendment passed. It was his last great achievement before his assassination. And I don't know what he's saying. It is absolutely true. It was illegal in southern states to try to teach black people to read. But by the way, that didn't stop people like stonewall Jackson Thomas Johnson Jackson from teaching at a school for black children slave children in Lexington Virginia. Where he he was a professor of physics at Virginia Military institute. Anyway, the the point about all of this is that some of the great intellectuals of the civil war period. Like Frederick Douglass were emphatically black. He's born a slave. And he could not only read he could write powerfully and many others could as well. He talks a little bit about some of his own challenges. Here's Kanye west. Again, speaking right in front of the resolute desk there in the Oval Office to the White House with President Trump. Over the five holy disorder. I was connected with a neuro psychologists that worked with the athletes in the NFL. Any dropped some boxes. Ninety eight. I had a seventy five percents out of all human beings. It was counting eight number. We're going to work with that. One ninety eight percent. Freud? So he said that I actually was bipolar. I sleep deprivation which could cost ten to twenty years from now, I wouldn't even remember my son saw this power that I and take my son to the game. And all of that. I wouldn't be able to remember his name come up misdiagnosis. What we need is. We can empower the pharmaceuticals and make more money. Sleep deprivation, look at it can be a serious problem. And again, this is something bragging about his IQ tests and things like that. He's not talking about his great grades Egon school. But there are other prominent public figures who have the same kind of confidence in their own cognitive ability. Finally spoke about his gift to the president of the United States. Breath. And what we want to start with this. I.

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