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The country would have rounded them all up and tried to find a some kind of a solution and done something i thought you racist piece of garbage i said you know what if there was if that were true we'd be rounding up all the young black males now because sixteen people die in chicago every weekend at the hands of young black males mostly and so don't throw that race card into the mix i mean i was it was i was outraged that is the most heinous racist statement i've heard in forever and for a columnist actually put into print is mindboggling to me oh argonne their reverse klansman they really really are i mean there are so antiwhite antimail anti their anti everything but i didn't want to make another point is that um you know i want you to refresh my memory 'cause i'm a little a little cloudy it at twenty 24 years old uh so maybe you could maybe you can help me out here coolest president during sandy hook and uh who is president during um san bernardino and coincides her this um you have heard here yes oh oh and mogul yeah that would be as my son would say that would be iraq insane oba obama but curtain will from wrong sank democrats that are now putting their crocodile tears on television they had the house they had some it why did they do something about them control and they had chance exactly it's liberal constitution uh they they could have gone ahead and made the effort they didn't even make the air it's like immigration they didn't even make me a chance or the the attempt at at fixing immigration when they had the presidency and the house and the senate they did nothing because they're liars in their users and that's what they do they just that it's one of the reasons they want so many new voters open open immigration because they know they failed everybody and so they.

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