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So that was the segment and then judge Janine said that she was really angry afterwards and she got into it with. The Booker told the Booker this is exactly what. I told you would happen and I guess there were other people who worked on the show and then Whoopi walks up to her because. They're in a commercial break and then the two of them exchange words here is what the judge had to. Say to TMZ about that Right now I don't mind Borges one I can, handle it but I don't like being mistreated by people who invite you to have a discussion and then treat you like you're less than what MRs This message for what we I tried to talk to her she didn't wanna listen Well he she said she said is. That kind of how What John you you've done cable TV for years and so have I and nobody likes feeling like they're ambushed and most of the time that I've done. Cable almost every time with mostly MSNBC and CNN and FOX they've always been nice to me a couple of times all. The person has ever been. Mean to me. Is joy Reid she's. Just nasty to everybody he, really is she's also a liar she gets she's. A hateful, horrible human being and not. Because she's a lefty Ed Schultz never. Treated me like that Chris Matthews never treated me like that you can have a discussion with someone. You disagree with in a. Polite way you've done for years I've done it for years, I don't understand why. The view get so nasty. So often and let's face it Whoopie just flat out nasty if, she doesn't agree. With you or doesn't like somebody you're supporting she's just nasty she really is a nasty woman. And that show has changed over time when Barbara was. There it was more genteel because people had respect for Barbara but, now that Barbara and the executive producer Bill. Getty, or gone it's, just the, inmates are running the asylum And you've got Whoopi who is, has very boutique. Political issues which is fine and, she's got a bunch of people that agree with her on the panel and then they invite someone who doesn't agree with them on politics but instead of having a. Discussion what they wanna do is they wanna turn you into a straw man and machine gun you well that's not productive. For anyone and it's also. Not good television. It's not entertaining to. Sit at home and watch, that when you're eating Cheerios no it's not an. Over the, years I've learned that a. Beam of light is not gonna come. Down into the studio and have them go oh yeah she's right they're not going to agree with. Me but we can still. Have a discussion and that's what it should be about because, the minute people start. Screaming on the radio TV. I'm all I'm done I'm gonna be going on I can have, discussions all day. Long with people that I disagree with but the minute you start screaming over me are you. Turn it into a Twitter feed is the minute that. I can't have a back and forth anymore because it's not you, don't wanna have a discussion with the purse And you just want someone, to scream, at that's. It that's really what it is you, wanna punching bag and listen I was on NBC somebody time so they'd Schultz. Usually there'd be at least two sometimes three liberals against me that's okay as. Long as everybody's polite and. Sometimes they get mad and and they get feisty with me I can, take it but ultimately the host is the, one who sets the tone and as you? Mentioned since Barbara left the inmates are running it won't be just brought it down to a nasty level let's listen to Whoopi steak You come to this show which, we'd everybody with respect. You cannot come and call people names you cannot point of. People and you can't, do this to, people and people who, know Janine xactly when I'm talking about they know that she. Likes to stir it up I rarely get stirred up but I got started up yesterday I did apologize to give a high I said that doesn't happen often every ten years.

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