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And and we see that with the with with the With minnesota united being known as the loons so it can work. But you already are called the crew. It's it's it's more of a it's more of again. Mls gist seems to do these types of things that kind of a race history and kinda lake. Kinda why oh. We were not known as we're not officially now known as the columbus career now columbus You know. I don't know it's it's i can understand the thinking behind it in a certain sense but the execution is poor to do it in the middle of these. I know you're building a stadium but to do in the middle of the year is also bizarre. here's here's my here's my your one piece on it. They fixed it already. So the only thing that was weird about the kambas crew was the hard hat guys like that that is there is some people think that looks cool and i happened to be one of the. That is kitschy in kinda kinda interesting at least but they fix that already they did. They did basically generic german. Ask chris and that that the name was in the problem. And also everyone's gonna call the crew forever. Yeah always is just this is just a non-paper move it's just. It's it's just inspiring. I don't normally when you when you do this. You're thinking about a you. Want to draw on new segments. That were turned off by the old name. Be on a whole bunch of new merch with the with the new logo on it. And i knew either. Those things like no one wasn't wasn't going to crew games because of the name and the logo the new one. They were not going because the stadium was not downtown. I believe. I think that that is true. The the the scoreboard would catch on fire. Who knows potentially a a a a life hazard risk to go to a game there. That's why it wasn't because of the name and to everybody's pissed about this. No one's going to buy this new stuff like it's just not going to happen. I just it seems like a miss on both fronts and you talk about. Like what dc did i know i know there are certain segments of the of the fan supporter group that hate the new logo. Think it looks terrible. I think it looks. I love it. I think i think it's a it's a. It's what you do if you want to properly refresh your logo and not each still. The spirit of the old logo is still very much there you can. You can see the old parts of the logo. They kept that. Were good parts of the logo. They just said gonna it kind of a fresh coat of paint. We're going to get rid of the soccer ball..

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