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Began shooting around his simple, build those crop them, citizens, or something upset about tax Bill water Bill or something like that. Employees then you talk to daily the suspected gunman killing twelve people before police say he died in a shootout. With officers ABC's Aaron Katersky has more on the Virginia Beach investigation. That left officers in the community in shocked. Wayne critic, had worked for the Virginia Beach, public utilities department fifteen years Friday afternoon. He was armed police chief James severa said and opened fire on co workers. This is a large scale crime scene. It's a horrific crime scene eleven of the twelve deceased victims were city employees one for just eleven months. Another for forty one years, Craddock was killed in a long shootout. With police Aaron Katersky, ABC news. Democratic presidential candidates are once again calling for action on gun control after Friday's mass shooting in Virginia Beach. ABC's Linsey Davis is in San Francisco, where more than a dozen of the presidential hopeful. They're speaking this weekend reaction to the deadly Virginia Beach shooting swift overnight from the democratic candidates running for president. The campaign's tweeting out reaction nearly all of them expressing their condolences as well as calling for movement on gun control. Fourteen of twenty three presidential candidates are gathering here in San Francisco for the California Democratic party's annual convention this weekend in Singapore acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is participating in the annual security conference and speaking out against China and the country's claims over disputed territory in the South China Sea Shanahan telling countries that the US stands by them on this issue in Missouri. Judge on Friday issued an order allowing Missouri's only abortion clinic to continue providing services until a hearing next week. You're listening to ABC news. Arizona's.

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