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For making proteins or other molecules luck it who is a postdoctoral research fellow in the faculty of medicine at england's university of southampton says that researchers have long known that your birth season as well as certain environmental exposures like smoking famine or even your social environment are societas with certain epa genetic marks and can alter gene expression they just didn't know why she said epa genetic marks were a good candidate for the connecting mechanism between birth season and allergies because they can be altered by environmental exposures can influence gene expression and can last many years lock in her team scanned dna samples from three hundred and sixty seven eighteen year olds who were born on the isle of white in england they pay particular attention to certain markers called dna methylation in the samples dna methylation is one type of genetic mark methyl groups help cells reproduce normally and they can literally turn genes on or off when you're methyl groups are depleted bad genes like those the cause cancer are turned on researchers wanted to know whether certain markers could be linked to the time of year a person was born and whether those people experience allergies like exmoor asthma luck it said we found that yes dna beth elation at certain places in the genome is consistently associated with season of birth we went on to discover that these birth seasonal epa genetic marks are so seated with gene expression and could potentially provide a link to allergic disease luck it says her team found similar results when they do blockaded the study with a group of eight year olds from holland but the markers were not present when the team tested a group of newborns lock it says this suggests that epa genetic markers arise after birth or maybe even as a result of one's environment the link between birth month and allergy risk applies to all kinds of allergies lock it said for decades studies have shown that people born in autumn and winter are at an increased risk of not only rhinitis hay fever but also food allergy asthma and eggs.

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