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Show Chris Brockman. Mike Del. Tufo good to see you. My on air producer and audio executive to see you. I look a little bit of news. A little bit of news made by our Country Front Brett. Farve here on this program yesterday. and we'll talk about that with Dion Sanders when he joins us at the top of our final hour on this program. We have not one but two alliterative M.'s. As guests I up Mike Mayock last up. Matthew mcconaughey totally different. I would say polar opposites on the scale of pop culture. The general manager of Your Loss Rate Vegas Raiders. Longtime friend using do shows like this very often but Not many shows like this or hosted by someone goes away back with Mike. Mike was a guy who called the packers drafting Aaron Rodgers. The twenty four th overall back in the day he nailed that in his mock draft or did and Babe Ruth type called shot in terms of evaluating talent in the NFL. Not a myth Joe Staley the all pro offensive tackle of the San Francisco. Forty niners retired on the final day of the draft leading to Trent Williams acquisition. You will be joining us in the very end of our first hour. And then dion will be joining us Again at the top of our third hour. I'll just want to put a quick pin in the far stuff for second because it is a possibility that the next quarterback of the New England patriots as Po popping free on the free agent market. Now Chris Brockman and I'll remind the NBC viewers who may not have seen this because we were not on NBC S. N. As of yet when Tom Brady signed with the Tampa. Bay buccaneers what I said to you when he signed with the Tampa Bay buccaneers and the rest of people of your ilk mind folks from fine folks from New England the root for the New England Patriots. Who More maybe like yourself? Remember The Times of those hard benches of the old foxborough before Gillett had banners and things like backs of seats. And things like that. Yes I told you. Welcome to the rest of us when terms of remembering the old days. Welcome back to the rest of us for all those millennials who only know championships and Brady and Bella check. I said welcome to the rest of US time. Welcome to the rest of the National Football League and two that I add today's news that Andy Dalton is free or about to be free fly be free Andy Dalton thank you for the memories in Cincinnati. But we've got JOE BOROUGH JOE EXOTIC. The Tiger King is now here from Lsu Tiger nation. I think it's official. He's been all right there. You go seventeen point. Seven million right off of the cap in Cincinnati and now Dalton is free to sign with another team like say New England that has only one point seventy stuart Scott phrases spandex thin. He always used to say when he referred to something that wasn't very large SPANDEX thin one point seven million in capital which is six hundred thousand dollars more than what tomorrow's guest in this very slot. Jameis Winston who will be joining us the top of our NBC `send broadcast on Friday. Show James Winston your signed for one point one million in New Orleans to backup drew brees threw for five thousand yards last year. And I understand the turnovers Gloria but this guy can wing it all right now. He can see the surgery which I can't wait to ask him about tomorrow. One point one million he signs a New England in New Orleans Dalton I know has some leverage potentially because his former offensive coordinator is now the offensive coordinator in in Jacksonville. When there's maybe a James Winston Jay gruden marriage so put it all together. And maybe he goes there. Maybe he's got leveraged. He'll be too expensive for New England but the mere fact that we're talking about Dalton as a possibility to quarterback the New England patriots and it is something that the Patriots should have to consider and something that New England Patriots fans will have to do the mental gymnastics to embrace APP. Doing them right now. Charlie Weis was on this program few weeks ago. Sadat would be the perfect fit of all of the possible veteran free agent quarterbacks on the market and now here it's a possibility and the mental gymnastics that you and Patriot nation will have to undergo brings back once again for me in this chair to say to this microphone. Welcome to the rest of us in the National Football League. Yeah I don't like being with the rest of US liked having number twelve back there. Too Bad stinks on behalf of the other thirty one fan bases too bad. Is this what you guys had to go through every off-season almost sitting around wondering what the coaches thinking? What the Front Office is thinking. How'd you guys survive? I don't know welcome to the rest of us. Yeah I mean I like Andy Dalton. He's got more career touchdown. Pass Troy Aikman Bradshaw. Joe Nemeth more yards than a Lotta Hall of famers. Did you didn't know that before today. Did you up because you know I was potentially twitching story. Great player first of all hair. Great human being ascertains by the way. Oh my gosh. He's had a great human awesome. I know he'd be a perfect person to put in the New England areas of face front member and look at what he's doing with his beautiful children. I mean he's ready in the backyard. Julian Edelman and I'll tell you what hold on a minute. This one on I snapped. This wants to Nikiel Harry and then this one this one is to Jacoby Myers. Running out of guys are to draft anybody. This will james out of the backfield. Okay Yeah you don't want 'em this wants to whatever tight ends filling in for GRONK. I'll tell you what whoever that guy is. Welcome to the rest of his credit's not a bad idea. Last Twenty Years Anti Talton. Any told him don't even at a second round pick. You can't even throw in the same sentence Jimmy Garoppolo and don't not a bad idea to the rest of US Chris. I'm on behalf of the NFL fan basis. Let me let me represent I think at this point. I mean Tom. Current said it was going to come and I think I've reached it. I've talked myself into just rolling with stem. This might happen. I think we just give him a shot. This year brings and if it's a disaster on the disaster start over his decent if they go eight eight nine and seven you bring them back in twenty one and we'll do it again. I can't believe I'm at that point. Oh it's delightful really is just delightful seriously. Everybody around this country given voice to all those duck boat parades and the red sox and the Celtics even the Bruins get rich there were twelve and I'm assuming the New England Revolution Twelve parades and I'm sure that's fine. What does Nike The dog? Think of anti even though it's not gonNa dog let's get down to it. Here's a little treat for Nike Dog. He's calling little snack him off. He's a little he's a little. He's a little doll treat filled with all sorts of nutrients areas evaluating film Nike Dog. Even the dog won't tell you that's how tight the circle is there. A New England Nike the dog. That's a poker face. We have no idea he could be looking at film could be looking at film of of we have no idea. Welcome to the rest of US honestly on behalf of the other thirty one. Nfl Fan bases. This is so good that I I I mean we made we made. Nfl News around the world here yesterday when Brett farve called in. And I haven't even hit it because I'm just I'm joined this moment so much. I'd rather do this than take a victory lap for this show and there's an iron rich Eisen and Nike Nike. There it is right that what do you think? We're going to release them. What should we do take this treat? If you think it's Dalton. What bill should do is he should put two bowls of food down one told him and just let him decide right and a hydrogen familiar with all due respect. I honestly I say I'm doing this for the GAG. I'm doing this. Get under his skin. This okay well it's working. Please be good man. Please be good. James has gone. James has gone. We'll be talking. We'll be talking with James at this point again tomorrow. I I look forward to chatting with him Jay Mrs Gone. I don't think Cam Newton's walking through that door probably not Be Okay so mike. Mayock will be joining US shortly before I do that. Let's talk about Brett Farve a little bit here. Brett farve had a lot to say. Yesterday we caught a day after he played a little bit of golf and he let us know a no uncertain terms that the Jordan love picked surprised him and that he had spoken to Rogers and was going to keep Most of it if you will all of it quiet. But the exception that he termed Rogers. A little bit surprised by. It said that the that he feels that this will rear. Its ugly head at some point. He even thought it might happen this year. If the packers start slowly if there's a season knock on wood. If you're with me he also did say yesterday that he thinks he's GonNa and elsewhere just like five and I didn't even have to finish the question. Brett beat me to the punch. It's a difficult question but I'm GonNa ask it certainly more difficult to answer since it's looked in the future. It's the old crystal ball and you even said yourself the world you do. You cut me off. You think he will not end his career as a green bay packer. Just like you get tells me no. I think you're finished somewhere else. I guarantee this and I don't know that certain but I guarantee you. It's got the wheels turning Aaron Spine. Which which if if that's the case. Then that means there's a chip on his shoulder towards organization that otherwise was not there and so he all he needs is reason other than this reason to expedite that a Brett farve had to say and for those listening on Sirius. Xm Channel. Two Eleven did say courtesy. The Rich Eisen show on the screen which some others on this Profession aren't doing. It's called a courtesy for a reason. The mothership got it right. They did.

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