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That's. That tracks actually that makes sense that makes a lot of sense. I would just keep the powers of brave star because someday I hope to grow up to be like him Dan. Would you use similar animals or go to dip direction I've always been a fan of panthers so. That would be I would like the agility of a big cat. Awesome. My aunt had like over fed her cat, so it was like big was not agile, so I'm not thinking. That's the same. Okay, so I like was going. Let's go ahead and hit a point number two ray. What have you got? We're GONNA talk about the strength, speed and durability. Durability of Lita. Battle Angel because we kind of gave you the basics told you who this character is being that. She's a cyborg bounty hunter with kind of unlocked potential inside of her, but let's give you some specific examples of what we're talking about here. There's a point where she goes down into the basement a basement bar basically and she's trying to. To recruit people to come on her side, and they laugh at her. They say you're like this. Four foot eleven cyborg lady. We don't really have a good reason to respect you because we're a sexist terrible people. Okay Great, so what she does is she kicks a bounty hunter so hard. She kicks him so hard that he rolls. He rolls like one. One of those cartoons where the guy get stuck in the tire, and he just keeps rolling forever except he rolls through the bar, he rolls into an entire mob of his associates. They roll up the stairs of the bar. They go flying through the door of the bar if they were shot out of a cannon and they go flying into the night. One kick. Delivers that much power endeavour station so if she gets a kick on, brave star. He's going flying. That's something. I know absolutely for sure. Also she fights a lot of cyborgs. Brave stars great, but he is at the end of the day just a person. He doesn't have robotic enhancements, so he's kind of relying on these mystical abilities, science versus magic once again. James, who knew? But, she's been elite has been known to decapitate other cyborgs with a kick, and they have reinforced spines as those heads shouldn't flying. She decapitates him with an entire kick. She's known to smash through walls this by being like. Oh, I need to be over there. Womb her body just goes flying through brick and steel walls as if they're tissue paper as if they're nothing. Additionally, you've talked about the speed of brave star running two hundred miles per hour speed of a Puma. That's pretty good. In short dodging dashing mechanics. ALITA has been known to move at just under mach, one mach one being and I looked it up for this because I love to do math when. When it's ahead of time seven hundred and sixty seven miles per hour, so if we're comparing a guy who can run it two hundred miles per hour and somebody who can combat dash at. We'll say like seven hundred and fifty miles per hour. Obviously, one is supremely faster than the other, and we just have to take that into account. Additionally, she could jump way high in the air. There's plenty of examples in the Manga of her being able to jump. You know roughly three four or five stories and just jump on top roofs of buildings. Whatever the heck she wants to I. Haven't necessarily seen. Brave star able to batch that sort of a strength and speed.

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