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You're hearing the Frank Beckmann show. News talk seven sixty WJR. Richard. So we know that in the it was a confusing situation during the primary when the John Conyers seat was up for grabs. Sure was because you had you had the arrest of his term this year to be filled out by the person who won the election for that. Who has Detroit city council president Brenda Jones? Then there was the question could she serve both the council and congress for the last couple of months of the year and the answer came out came back. Yes. Now retreated to leave won the primary for the race to be the democrat candidate next Tuesday in the general defeating Jones. Right. Exactly. And so she had to leave is, you know, everybody's been thinking she's a shoo in and she's going to be the first Muslim American woman to serve in congress. And you know, there there's been a lot of talk about that. Will now Brenda Jones has thrown a little wrench into the ringer. She has received assurances from the state that she can run as a write in candidate next Tuesday against retreated to leap, I'll Mike Duggan for mayor. And apparently she's going to do that. And the I don't think everybody's happy about it. Let's find out from Jonathan Kinloch, you know, him as the chair the thirteenth district Democrats. He's been with us many times on the show before he's on the other end of our line. Now Jonathan good morning. Jonathan. Good morning. Frank. You are. Oh, you just love and the Saint you just. Look. This is one of the strange ones of all time here. Oh, gosh. It never ends and the thirteenth. No. But basically what to say is a fly being thrown into a fan. This is going to go absolutely nowhere seven days before the election this writing campaign. So why have you spoken with Brenda? No, I'm trying to walk a fine line. You know, I'm also chair the Wayne County board of canvassers, then it's our job to actually tabulate write in votes. So I have not reached out to her. And she hasn't spoken to me. But you better believe I got a lot of phone calls from everybody else. And what are they saying? What's what's the consensus? The biggest question in Texas. I receive have basically asking why it's seven days before the election. She's a democratic nominee on the same ballot for the parcel time. But to leave is the democrat for the full term, and how do you be a democrat? And then choose to run as a Republican against the democrat on the same ballot. It makes no sense. I mean, we're the Democratic Party. We had him as shrimp shack. There should be some sense of unity and call and focused towards making sure that Democrats went up and down the slate when you're talking about a week before the election. Well, exactly Hattie bass shrinks. That was good. I liked that. Thank you. So so so what what happens? What is what does this do to the race? Do you think what it does is? It just creates a distraction me getting phone calls asking. So what do we do? What you do? What you we have planned? That's vote the democratic on tickets straight up and down. So it just creates a conversation that we necessarily should not be having around this upcoming election. And that's unfortunate. I did get a call earlier today where some folks were saying that she's doing this. But I had not heard from her, but they say that she's doing this. So they her vote. So the write in votes can actually be tabulated because without filing an affidavit those folks wouldn't be tabulated, and she wants to know how many people actually wrote her name Anne. So it's it's an ego thing. I don't know. Just all politics of sort. Yeah. Well, that's a good point. Glad I didn't it and you did. So. Running as a Republican. Right. She just she just right in independent. Correct. She's writing an independent, and that's that's quite confusing. I mean, you're not the only one everyone's asking the question. Why why why at the end of the day the voters decided in August who would be the democratic nominee for the parcel, which is Brenda Jones hurt and the full term, which has receded to leave. And but what's even more interesting? Frank was on Friday at President Obama's at the rally, the Gretchen, Whitmer and garland Gilchrist rally where President Obama spoke. They both came and spoke and address the audience talking about unity, and it was amazing we leave. And then all these fall calls happened about this right in the next day. And I found out that right before they went up on stage. That's one receded to leave found out. So she really had an excellent game face. She was actually he had that. Well, I've been losing my mind. This is Hettie may shrimp shack. I just can't get over that. This would happen a week before the election that no, no, no, no. I I it's disappointing. But at the end of the day, Frank we're going to stay focused. We're going to make sure that we have the necessary turn out to have a successful. When next next Tuesday. No matter this slight distraction. All right garland, go crystal. Yes. I do. Yes. I do. Okay. He would say he won't talk me. Okay. I understand what you do Frank. How did he do nothing? Tom. But here's what I wanna know. Tell me tell me about him. What qualifies them to be to the to be the Lieutenant governor? Well, you know, we have a citizens government, first and foremost, he's a citizen of the state. He has been very engaged in this community. You know, and you know, he's not only does he have public experience, you know, working in the public sector. But also, he has, you know, experience working in the private sector as well. The Lieutenant governor as we both know is a support to the governor. And at the end of the day, he's quite capable of supporting and assisting in the messaging, that's an important to all working families, helping to carry the message of unity and of of empowerment across the state of Michigan. Now, leave me alone. Please right now. I know 'cause you gotta you gotta go pick up your order it Hattie maze. I'm hungry. I bet you are. Thanks for coming on as always been. Thank you talk to you later. All right. Take care. Jonathan Kinloch the chair the third and now let's check WJR's.

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