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You know, the real problem with this past election was the mail in voting. It's really hard to keep track of all the so if they're gonna keep that mail in voting, and then you hear all these states that no longer requiring idea they're letting anybody register. I mean, that's Ah Ah problem. How you could ever win an election of all that goes on. Well, it's gonna be hard on the reality is the Democrats are much better compared forward. We were, but I don't think you're gonna see a whole going back to go stand in line on Election day and vote. I think the early votes we're gonna be a bigger part of the process. Now what you consider to do is make people show a driver's license. When they register. You can have some sort of a titan of the system. That state by state, and I think at this point in time, even though we control state legislatures, and also the states, people, people kind of like, uh, the early voting. Uh, most people don't think it was a fair election. And they may want to make some changes on that front. But at the end of the day here, we're not going back to Election day being the only way you're gonna vote again. Just not gonna happen, And I would expect is gonna get works. You're gonna end up like California you're registered to vote. You automatically given absolutely balance that makes it extremely difficult to make sure there is no voter fraud and it could extremely difficult to Republicans. Who have to get organized and will compete in that in that environment. Hey, Ed Rollins. You've been in so many white house. You know how this works. What's the deal with Kamala Harris? Are they trying to keep her quiet keeper from overshadowing the president? We don't see much of her. Well, she doesn't have you know what What Biden did is Biden had most of the Obama team or his own team that has been around and around. So Washington four decades. She did not have she had a Senate team, but it's a small team, and obviously they will use her at this point in time to go do the traditional things and vice presidents do. She'll certainly break the ties when they need them, which will be probably the biggest task, but she's certainly not going to run the show from the casino feature. That doesn't mean that the liberal Progressive Policies that she has won't be implemented by right Biden. Biden is not a modern advice is not a conservative vice is a liberal and the people he has around in lower level, They're really gonna get Obama's third term. Here and you're starting to see united. Yeah, if you're kind of a slow a little bit out of it sort of president. What happens in the White House who who's actually running day to day stuff? Well, Chief of staff and Iran plane is a very effective guy. You've been around a long time, and he has a team. That's who basically next. President really has to do for five things every day. A snake 45 big decisions after down, and what have you and everything else kind of feeds into it, And you know you build it, Bill. The White House around. The man is trying to get a And my sense is they know their strengths and none of his weaknesses. They know when he's rested that nobody needs to be on the trail. You know, he's got a lot more energy than most people have in his age. He certainly has. Has done much better in the last month, and he did the course of the campaign trail, but they know they know what their agenda is, and I know what they want to do. Hmm. Why It runs great talking. We're out of time. But anybody wants to help in the taking back the Senate taking back the house, Great America.

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