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Kind of like the ball did last year in Houston when you were there for the World Series, and that was just a crazy by the way, I, I really think that had I warn my dead dad shirt to game seven of the World Series. We would have won Houston one because they were better and we pitched you Darvish. Yeah. No. But I think we would have won that game. Had I worn this shirt. Mock away people, you know, I'm I'm, I'm looking to definition of a Bandbox. Yeah, in a usually cinder call box of car. Border thin would holding light articles of tire a structure such as baseball park, having relit relatively small interior dimensions. So yet kind is that it's necessarily the the bans on the side, but dealer in, no, it's one word to be a n d b, o x Bandbox. Yeah, Bandbox. All right, good. Now we know that dodgers got another understood. Make it easy last night. They fell behind four to nothing and you're thinking, oh, but the Mets pitching other than damn air really bear bullpen is brutal may still be betting in the seventh inning. They were just that was BP last night, and they got another one against last-place New York tonight, Dodger Stadium hundred review. He and John Rowe versus Zack Wheeler in that game wheelers. Reasonably good for the match this year. Probably their second best starter, and then they are at Colorado for three this weekend, these incredibly big games and they've lined them up. Well, Clayton Kershaw will pitch game one Friday night versus John gray, Walker bueller will pitch game to Saturday night versus Kyle Freeland. And then Alex wood will pitch game three on Sunday afternoon against Tyler Anderson. So they've got a really good. They strung together Kershaw and Buehler for this series, which was incredibly smart. And then they go to last place Cincinnati. So they've got a chance to make some, hey, here I, I really think just based on talent, there's no way they missed the playoffs talented and always chase slap on talent. Well, plus they're playing really well. That's the other thing they're playing extraordinarily. Well, right now most. Games, they're so worried about their bullpen. Their bullpen is they've won nine of eleven, right? But you know what's weird is them in scoring a lot in those games until last night. They had only scored. They were averaging three runs a game until last night. Yeah. I mean, those that street goes three, Arizona games were three, two, three, two, three, two. They lost to the Mets four to last night. They cracked open for eleven. Yeah, they're they're close games in their competitive games, but you know what the bullpen is doing a reasonably good job right now. Do we have official word on whether or not kenley Jansen is going to Colorado wait. They're considering sending him now. No, there's no official word, but it's unlikely. It's unlikely because I read yesterday. It was still up in the air. You you'd think it's tilted to unlikely? I think it's been unlikely the whole time, but it's still up in the air. Okay. They haven't announced it one way or the other, but it's just speculative but it or not going, but it's a lien, which means that they're going to have to get through ninth innings at Colorado. Hopefully they're not in save situations, tight situations because I virtually no confidence in the ninth inning with Scott Alexander or can to my ADA. I honestly think that if they have a safe situation in Colorado, they should go to Ryan Madson dates still, you think poor, Greg, I we haven't seen Madsen in that situation yet. So yeah, even hit in the situation has been there before. So yeah, I would probably use him at this point because you don't wanna see canton my in there. You don't wanna see. Russia is not ready, John actors, not back. So I think he's the only guy that hasn't had a shot at it. So I know your down on Janssen. You weren't last week? No, Janssen's not going to be there. Oh, if he's talking about these three games in Colorado, I think you go to Ryan match, and if you don't have kenley Jansen, those two picks by the way, those pick up..

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