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If it goes dual cameras. Yeah. Yes. True. Again, that's kind of like lost commerce. Centrally mistake for ten ten. But with caller. Yeah. And interestingly we've we've seen the triple camera Brendan stuff for awhile. But. Quite down and says the side is indeed for an ultra wide lens. Yes. So you have no you'd have zoom, and then you'd have the wide. Yeah. And we saw from the Samsung today, I think the galaxy S ten has a new older white camera to right? And it was Bloomberg was more Kerman. The I the way that it might be using software is you could essentially zoom out of a picture that you took it will capture more than what's in the the the frame of your iphone, and you can go back, and edit it later and like adjust instead of just cropping any crop out potentially too much like merge like the telephone lens with the ultra wide. If you chop someone offer something just just for taking the zoo for me, I feel like this is far more significant than ultra-wide would be like when I'm just walking around. I always I'm always like. Oh, yeah. Zoom in on this. You know, everyone got bit. Why day? Yeah. I've been the Lynn stuff is like. A camera camera Sony sixty five hundred and I've got a couple of lenses for it. Like one's a little wider than the other one is basically. Portrait mode, and then the wider lens. And I think I'm more interested in like. Adding a new lens to my camera camera, then then you know, like the year over year changed the like going to the. Because I don't like the big phone size. I'm talking myself out of this new lens that will only be on the big phone. So. Side from the camera stuff. He mentioned some other news. I don't think we've heard before like ultra wideband indoor positioning for navigation. Indoor mapping like helps with that. Yeah. I didn't know what this was. So I looked up. Okay. So. I begins which was that technology that apple loved. Spec in seven is where you all these like shops can put little beacons around that around their venue, and then as the phone books around it works out which and his closest and then uses that to know, which they can you connected to. So then you can kind of guess where you all the apples were looking at cases or from the other side of the store looking like speakers yet. But it doesn't it doesn't really no way. You all like it couldn't pinpoint you wanna map. It would say you're in this section because he's just working on which which signal is stronger. Yeah, you have GPS which oversees very precise like Asian, but that requires generally eyesight to the sky. So if you're in Dole's signal. No signal. Ultra why ban means is these venues kaput like two antennas like one of the front of the shopping one of the back of the shop. But that's it. You don't have to put them around the place. And then the I can get accurate location information to within a ten centimeter radius, which is essentially GPS location, but for indoors and deal or no mapping now for like at least for airports, and maybe malls to right? And that relies on combination of like GPS and WI fi and everything we do to find your location. Yeah. Right now, the Indo mapping is kinda like you wanna get from me to look at the map. We'll show you where is less about like directly ten by ten go here cake, the because they just know that you can get as precise location stuff at the moment. This is one of those features. Whereas like cool, it's there, but you know, it's it's more for the experience eventually than than it is like. I think they're all potential applications. This like a all maps. You wouldn't have your phone for this thing? I don't think he's just there to help you if you have this phone. Yeah. Yeah. You probably wouldn't he's not like the Parada. I think is more than just like because because obviously a very liberal like this make the carbon Indo mapping experience slightly more accurate to shut your door in the right place..

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