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Of this because i was listening to the new yorker podcast the other day hannah gadsby was on okay and hannah gadsby show was amazing i don't really even have words for it because it was comedy but also like probably one of the most emotionally heart wrenching shows i've seen median right yeah she's an australian comedian and she did a show i don't spoil it i saw the live show i haven't seen the it just came out on netflix i saw the trailer and i got a motion was like i'm going to save this for when i have more time it's incredible i haven't seen the netflix on yet but i it's the same kind of thing and they were interviewing her on this podcast and they were just talking about like so incidentally in the show there is a she discusses like a philosophy of comedy like she's talking about like you built tension and then you surprise them to like to cut the tension right and that's that's just like basically one theory of comedy there's also lots of others but she's talking about that specifically and she does that not because she's necessarily interested in talking about the theory of comedy on stage but she uses that to set up other things in the show right okay without spoiling anything for the listeners she could have written a show she if she wanted it didn't have any of that stuff but like the npr person or the new yorker nick who's the one that wrote that terrible incredible to review that would just like anthony lane that was just like man when i'm having sex with my wife all i can think of as mrs incredible right yeah that was a new york there's like film critic couldn't white his boehner while like the headlines read unlike reductions yes we're so but like they were focusing on that on that part of it as if that was like the main understanding of how comedy works that's the only way to understand and this kind of like middle brow pretension does really like cats at my core like really annoys me because it's not a real thorough into understanding of any kind of intellectual topic rape and yet it's suffices for like dinner parties for people who don't really know much yet i totally agree the the new yorker podcast sucks redneck is not a good podcast host he must be good editor because it's been editor of the new yorker magazine for many of its good years i still think as a magazine like they do some things like better than anybody else does insurance i check for them yeah he does and just terms of in depth investigative journalism they do that really well but i agree there podcast sucks and it's part of this npr sort of conglomeration of podcasts that i agree it's like they get the yeah i don't know exactly it's like they boiled down a intellectual idea into like the dumbest form of it and then just like kind of spit it out for the sake of it being like making people who carry tote bags feel smart like a badge of honor us that that kind of thing to like demean like not really demean other people or to put other people down but like on smarter than you that kind of thing right yeah kind of like it's like maggie haberman kind of like politeness politics all fucking i mean the new york times even this week they battled to the white house like stephen miller was going to be on the daily podcast and they asked specifically to not use the audio of his sort of like unfiltered like rants on immigration and they were like oh okay and they didn't do that and then they just they posted some weird oped today about like the contagion of incivility that is like so just odd of this like you know both sides are really really fond down like a by the wayside now we don't know what to do i don't know where they i don't know where they are anymore to be fair when they did play the audio the first time all animals within a ten beater died community committed it's kind of like a ring type type thing if you hear it a phone call it's his days i'm going to defend the new york times here a cool oh hashtag cool at the hashtag resistance right no just that reporting is a like with maggie haberman she's always thinking about like she has hundreds of anonymous sources who she has to worry about and she has gotten scoops.

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