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Company have to pay a fine if they bother you while you're on vacation. We're going to talk about that in 5 minutes. Right now, one 15, though, let's get you over to the sports desk for an update with Stephen Langford. Opening day for baseball is just a couple of weeks away the Giants they open their season in New York to take on Aaron judge and the Yankees. However, the Giants are unsure what their outfield death chart would look like going into opening day. Manager Gabe kapler has announced a new injury seemingly every day to their outfielders earlier this week on Tuesday. He announced Luis Gonzalez had surgery for a herniated disc in his back, so he'll be out at least half of the season and on Thursday it was news around outfielder Mitch hanker, who was signed this off season. He has been dealing with an oblique strain in originally they were hoping he'd be out for just a week, but after reevaluation, the team says he will need another week to recover and can't even participate in regular workouts, so he may start the season on the injured list depending on what happens for the remainder of spring training and on Friday. It was announced that Austin slater will have an MRI for a tight hamstring, he only just returned to spring training a few days ago after dealing with an elbow issue for a majority of March, so already some injury concerns for multiple giants heading into the season. At the sports desk, Steven Langford, case CBS. This is the smell of the leftover tuna fish sandwich you left in your lunch box over the weekend in a wimpy trash bag. And this is the smell of that same sandwich in a hefty ultra strong trash bag. Smell the difference? Hefty ultra strong has Armin hammer with continuous odor control. So no matter what's inside your trash. You can stay one step ahead of stinky and for bigger jobs try the superior strength of hefty large black bags

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