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To join us Had 51283605 90. Now here are Todd and dying on a second. Gotta swear in the 117th. You know Congress, Son the name of the monotheistic that Yeah. Hannah and God, known by many names by many different things. A man and a woman. Love hardening. Amen. He thinks the phrase amen at the end of a prayer and all God's people, said Amen. He thinks that that is gender. And it's not just hard. It means so be it. So be it and you know, it's very late. It's just good way to finish it. Hey, man. He's also saying he thinks it's about men in general, but And a woman. He's talking about one woman If you're going to do this, right if it's if it's a rat, you're gonna go. Amen. And a women, right? Not woman. That's correct. Got to get this right. That was represented Emanuel Cleaver. He's a Missouri Democratic grown man and educated man and best man. Yeah, grown ass man. The monotheistic God. Then he added a word called Brahma. What do you mean by that? Brahma? Does that mean Bull? That's what I thought it meant that the name of the monotheistic God Yeah. Uh, Brahma. Healthy talking. I don't know what he's talking about. I'm trying to have to God Brahma Brahma. Wasn't me are round rock Almost sounds like you're saying round, Rog. Hang on a second. What do you say here? Hannah Brahma. I don't know what that means, Either. There you go, anyway, because he's talking to move forward to mask. Maybe that's through the mass. That's what it is. Well, they see Pelosi she she also won reelection to run the house. Good for her. You go. Do you think that was gonna happen? I thought that was kind of iffy. I did, too. I did, too. I was surprised. And and, uh, you know, very, very disappointed. I she's gonna live forever, and we're never gonna get rid of her. It's I I'm convinced with with hair color and plastic surgery and everything else they're doing to keep her in and good denture adhesive. She keep on going, huh? What do you get Dark and twisted and weird on me sometimes, man. I thought you get that all behind you over the holidays. But you still you still out there? What rankles Bizarre. What angle? Do you want me to take? You see, Pelosi? I mean, people don't have the luxury of looking at you while you're talking on it. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen in my life. What do you mean? I don't know. It just looks weird. My face. Yeah, Don't take it personal. No, it's your fight. It's just your face. You look horrible. It's your face. Listen, five years after Texas legalized medical marijuana for people With dill, debilitating illnesses, advocates and industry experts say the state's strict rules the red tape, the burdensome barriers to entry have left the program largely inaccessible to those that its intended to help. But with new legislative session coming up in a matter of days, some Texas lawmakers see an opportunity to fix the state's medical cannabis program, known as the Compassionate Use program by further expanding the eligibility and loosening some of the restrictions. So Texas laws more closely resemble those of other states that allow treatment for those that air terminal. They're about 3500 Texans registered with the state of Texas to use medical marijuana to lad gets say only two million people are eligible. Based on the current law. The Texas program pales in overall participation. You know, when sculpt compared with other states, it has fewer enrolled patients businesses than most other states with medical marijuana programs. At least some form of medical marijuana is legal in 47 states nationwide, but Texas restrictions put him at the bottom 11 intern. Of accessibility. That's all. According to the National Confederate state legislatures. I don't understand any kind of limited access to medical marijuana for those that need it because I think the positive results The benefits of medical marijuana for so many different health conditions. It's just irrefutable man. I mean, it's just proven it. It makes being on earth tolerable for a lot of folks that have certain, you know, maladies. Yeah. I mean, there's no doubt about it. I don't understand holding back on that. Well, I think the fear is Like in a lot of states. It's easy to get a medical marijuana card. If you've got the glaucoma if you got a bad back if you got a little depression, you got a stubbed toe. I mean, it's very loose and a lot of states earwax, right? Yeah s O. That's the concern that a lot of lawmakers have. I got that understand the concerns we well, I don't really understand the concern. No, but I see where they're coming from Jose Menendez. He's a senator Democrat from San Antonio says We're pretty damn close to the bottom. We're pretty far behind on this issue, Referring to how access The Texas medical marijuana program fares compared with other states. He says he'll push legislation in the next session to further expand this program. There you go. Industry experts say Texas narrowly designed program is also hindering a market that helped could help drive the Texas economic recovery from the Corona virus pandemic. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in and smoking pot, and but same time I could care less who does? Her done, but but I think he's right. The longer this goes on the more Is for us. That's not just fully legalizing marijuana in this state and realizing that the not only the the you know the benefits of it itself, but the financial benefits the more this goes on. The more kind of just behind the times. It just old fashioned, just kind of, uh, we're falling behind. It's just no doubt and we're just leaving money on the table. Millions and millions of millions of millions of dollars. That could be just falling into the state that we're just going. Nope. Not gonna do it. Listen, we got a new coach. A T University of Texas Just days after winning the Alamo Bowl, Tom Herman was fired. The University of Texas has made it official hiring Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Starkey Zeon As the Longhorns new football coach That comes just hours after they fired Tom Herman. After four seasons, Sarkeesian will stay with Alabama until after the tide plays in the college football National championship game against Ohio State. Texas athletic director Crystal Content released a statement calling Sark easy in one of the top offensive minds in the game. Prior to Alabama. Sarkeesian was offensive coordinator for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons. And prior to that, Head football coach in Washington and Southern Cal. Russell Scott T s and near all right. There you go. Love to get your thoughts. Your reaction at 512836059 years, So it's just a few minutes ago. That said, picking Sarkeesian that's like driving past chilies and pulling into the Applebee's parking lot. Todd and don show my friend Brad. He's the owner and operator of Zero raise here in town. They're the home health experts that have a service for all of your surfaces. I'm talking carpets. Tile rugs,.

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