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Five-star plays the entire crew myself. Ken eli rick and bill gonna give you our baseball plays for tonight on a pretty good slate of major league baseball tonight. I've got a number place. I'm going to give out looking forward to that and then myself. Ken and tyler morales golf beds for the orland trust. We'll see if eli has got a golf bed. As well and kenan. I will wrap up our conversation that began in our number one on. Who's going to win. Nfl defensive player of the year so a lot of betting coming your way picks entertainment wage attainment final hour of the show power hour on you better. You bet but we close out our number three right now turning our attention to the diamond talking some major league baseball with one of our favorites here on you better. You bet that's our pal drew silva who doesn't outstanding job for the nbc. sports edge. Where here's there. He is their senior. Mlb writer on twitter at drew sell drew silva but without the at the drew. Welcome back to you better. you bet. Net cost those cam barclay. Bet you'll hear on a wednesday. How are you my friends. It's great to be on with you guys to talk a little baseball. I wish we could do it more often throughout the season. But you know how baseball works and my schedule just been nuts all year so i feel bad. Sometimes fading your boys but it's it's always a pleasure well drew thank you for coming on and we appreciate it one of the things that's helpful about honestly like spacing out baseball conversation. You mentioned it. It's basically it's like the awards markets the division markets. Everything moves it like glacial pace in terms of like nick. And i can do the show again tomorrow. And the odds just anything could lose twenty to nothing. It doesn't matter the odds are going to be about the same tomorrow but one market. That has fluctuated vary wildly very recently. Is national league. Mvp because of the return return of fernando to tease junior came back. Obviously the other night hit two home runs. Play the outfield now. About minus two eighty at our show sponsor rivers to win. Nl mvp we had heard taco bryce harper. Or max muncie or take your pick on the dodgers and trae turner in these guys so tates not prohibitive not minus one thousand not. It's over but minus two eighty two. Mvp like what. Kind of percentage chance. Would you give him to win the award right now. I mean there's no doubt that tateishi is the guy if he stays healthy at all the rest of the way..

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