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Fed Credit Union visit Penn fed dot org's slash power cash to receive any advertised product, you must become a member of Penn Fed injured by N C away. New Jersey one on 1.5 instant weather seasonably cool most of the week, we'll see a generally clear sky for the nighttime hours close, eventually down to the middle and upper twenties, fairly seasonable passing snow shower mainly North and West jersey possible on Tuesday, otherwise intervals of clouds and sunshine state wide and highs mostly around 40. The sunny, breezy Wednesday a little milder highs up in the mid forties and look ahead to Thursday. Mostly sunny warming up just a little further with highs anywhere from 45 to 50 I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeau 33 degrees in Paramus 34. Degrees Marlton. 31. Degrees Plainsboro Fast traffic Instant whether every 15 minutes on New Jersey one on 1.5, New Jersey weather brought you by inspired bath and kitchen, located in Farmingdale, inspire office, full kitchen and bathroom models. Or one day tub, shower, conversion, scheduling in home consultation or visit their 10,000 ft. Showroom goat inspire Beth calm to find the inspiration every holiday season. New Jersey one A 1.5 collects teddy bears for New Jersey P B A We call them feel better bears and you can help New Jersey Police make kids feel better during their emergencies with a brand new teddy bear to hog about that, and to find your closest bear drop off location. Or by a bear online. Visit NJ one on 15 dot com slash bears. And thanks to our sponsors, all American auto group robbed you can ski of re Max first advantage and Trinity Rehab this holiday. Give a child you need to feel better bear and thanks from all of us right here at New Jersey, one on 1.5, where we say Merry Christmas. I say Merry Christmas. I want speak for everybody. But I'm asking you what you say 1 802 83. Well, 1.5 happy holidays to me. Just.

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