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The number one hit music station. What does happened five ks L? So apparently, Jason Goodman is arguing and fighting with coaches for son's baseball team. But your son he plays on two teams. Right. He does he plays on the North Carolina baseball academy travel team. And he also plays for high point pony rec league as well because he's not playing middle school. So while it's an session. He can get more. But it's turned into seven days a week. A lot of work for you. Yeah. We can't get any more baseball. And so what were you fighting with other coaches or coaches of your own team? What had happened was? Well, I'm I'm assistant coach on the high point pony one. Of course, the North Carolina baseball academy is like MLB players. So they look at me like tool get out of here. Coaches at both for sure right? But we have one coach. He's six five three hundred pounds. Okay. All right. My opinion kind of a snowflake. Oh, really? Oh, you he's laying someone. Well, you know, I'm not I'm into no matter what. That's how I am. Yes. I mean, gosh, they're like eleven and twelve now they can be like, right? Life's disappointing. So I started the baseball came off where I walked to the first base to base coach stood there for about five minutes. While everybody was staring at me realizing my team was in the field. How was I doing? Checking out something by the fence. At a walk. Back through the parents in shame. Assistant coach. Others. What are you doing? Jason. What are you do notice that? I'm looking around and told the other teams, I baseball coach said are you gonna coach for us? I'm like, oh now, there's the fence thing. Yeah. Already a little frustrated per se share first game opening game of the season. So I'm like, okay. I walked back. I the plays next inning comes up the whole games neck and neck and like this is a pretty tight game. But it's cool. I just want to win. Finally, the last inning that were up. The score gets way ahead. When I talk about way ahead. We're like eight runs ahead. Y'all are okay. So it's pretty much over. But you never know you never know. I don't like stopping snowflake coach. He's a he's coaching with you. He's on the other side. Now, the third base coach. Aren't you understand your coaching was same thing? I'm making sure yes. Yes. I do the third base coach birthday. Mr. Allen, I picked basketball. I don't know the square could be thirty. Making sure you will not a first base and third base. Coach does I just wanted to make sure you're on the same team coaching Saint coaching staff. Exactly calling your own fellow coaches snowflake snowflake coach. Way more sensitive about like the score. And the score gets really hot word is kindness. He's more kind title. Jason. I'm with you on this coach before I coached the basketball team, and it was a church basketball team. So this is not serious. We press the entire time beat a team I ninety two to to fourteen and I wanted to score one hundred wins were on so I don't know about. So you're upset that he go ahead. Sorry Jarrett said it's like there's certain when you're younger sometimes the score. Like, oh, if you get up to high we're not even going to put on the board. Or if you if you're basketball, I remember you couldn't play certain amount time. But you know, it's a competition. So what do you? Oh, you do. Good. So we're going to limit you. Oh, say where you're going with that. I don't like that at all. I don't like that your either playing or you're not get hurt when you're not playing. You're halfway point. That is my point. He's not listening. He's crime anyways. The scores way up in his mind. He's thinking let's tone down the stealing and is his reasoning behind that. Because he doesn't wanna make the other teams feel bad. Yes. Oh that happens a lot. He needs to be Jerry does not happen. I played a basketball down eight him on the team. Eighteen is a visual eighteen and then everyone else, and I remember playing a team from Charlotte. Years ago, and they they were up by thirty at halftime. But there was no mercy rule. There was no they still press the whole game in a what we thought afterwards. You know, what we need to get better? And we learned from that, it was embarrassing, and I'll take his worst from the opposite side Jason sorry. Opposite side. I played more basketball football up like for basketball. We see the other teams that's like not really trying anymore. It's even more insulting. That would be. Yes. Like organizations, especially when it can't cut public, not the private organization. There's rules not so much. There's no rules in the pony that you can't do that. But there's there's rules in like Landon school basketball wants to get this far up. You guys can't do this. And this and there's rules for that. I think it makes them more confusing. Play doing so well, but you're going to be penalized for doing so. Well, anyways. Getting texts. No other coach is the complete opposite than the snowflake coach. Okay. He is like stop mother's roots. All right anyways. So anyways, he's sensitive to the fact that our really starting to beat this team up let's chill out a little bit. I look at what's two outs. I look at our position who who's at that. Okay. These and player, but you know, we have two outs is the last up. I want that third base player. Who's our fastest kid on the team to steal home right in front of the pitcher? Feeling. Right right in front of the pitcher. I know he's so fast. Yeah. So I turned around to the stop on your throat coach and say, I think edge send the kid home right now. What do you think is the fastest player? Then I turned to the other coach he was taken all the stats, and I'm like, what do you think? He's like house. Well means two hours. That's what I think. So I'm like. Cost the filming. Oh. His base coach Goodman, but it's his base is in charge of his name. Control issue. The basis. Head shaking. No back to me. Mike. The kid. At coaches. Like. What to do? Yeah. Like that. I'm gonna make it all these. Grunt sounds because you wanna say blatantly steel, but almost instead as the Ed. Snowflake. Going. Going back and forth. Doing all this weird dance. Because he doesn't know what to do. You know what I'm saying? So finally. Sure enough food. He goes and the guy just about the pitch it feels safe right in front of him. Wear. Yeah. Wow. Third base is right near the other team. And the other teams coaches he turned around and looked at the other teams coach and the teams coach goes. That is the most classless thing you could possibly do. Surena? So in the meantime. Basically in their dugout and they're going back away from the kids. So they can't hear going back and forth like pointing and this and this and the like me. Getting mad. I'm like why is he getting that? Because he's like, I guess he was telling him. That's terrible has classes you should score bummer. This whole thing is going on. And I'm looking and meanwhile, the game's going on there's no third base coach anymore. I'm like, oh crap. First thing I'm thinking of oh my gosh. As soon as the game's over we're gonna have to do the lineup and all the coaches have to walk and shake hands with everybody. And they're going at it in the distance because of you, I guess he got. I guess. Oh, you told me go. And then he gets blamed for it. Yeah. So that ends they're still he's still over there while the switching in the field, and he's still over there. I can see their heated. Yeah. He comes over looking at me. She can his head like C, which is dead. Because you he said, we're classes now either appreciative say, where's classless? But then at the end, the apologize, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I said he goes I told them I never sent him. He goes. Yes, you did. So the other coast things that Ed sent them no matter what just gonna let them take. No. He's like he's like, I don't know why he did that. So I turned around to the coach the coach and say, even he says, you go I swear to you the air coach goes. Yeah. But the scores really high. I don't know if that was the best. This is ridiculous. So everybody's looking at me like I just caused all this episode. Stop on your face. Coach was cool because he's safe if he was out all I would have paid for. So what is the lineup games over? And I'm like, I'm like, did you tell them that? I suddenly goes now I walk over in line and the coach the coach stops me and goes just out of curiosity. Did you send the third baseman? No. That was crazy. I walked back. I believe in keep going keep going not let up Katie now. I'm with you on that your either playing the game or you're not. Yeah. Exactly. And there's there's common sense when the kids are three years old or whatever they have all sorts of different learning playing for real. But what's you know, what's going on? And you're actually playing the game. It is confusing. Katie. Don't do this. But then they watch major league baseball or or NFL or they watch a basketball like will. They don't stop pressing or they don't do this. What am I was against everything that you are taught play sports when everyone says do you go out and try not everybody will agree with what we're all saying? Absolute Jason United coach together. One hundred percent agree with you. Okay. I am but snowflake coach just text me all upset with us. And he says it's rack Paul. Still do you still? Now, there's a difference. I will say if you don't want your players to get hurt like professional football. They sub out because if you're up so high. Players get hurt. We'll take our best players out. And let's put whatever. But no, I think if you're gonna play play, well, maybe I'll change my mind when my kids are playing. Even more now. And then of course, there's a second side of it were sportsmanship like if you're running. Like showboating that's different different playing like you normally play, and you're winning your home part is not typical. Way up. But in my eyes, I'm thinking, well, this is the time we can take this risk share. And that is the fastest kid on the team. That's a lesson. There is maybe sometimes taking a risk pays off. And then sometimes it doesn't by the way that was opening day for the year. He's in at all. Did you? Like, we don't wanna play. Yeah. You start losing when you're winning planning. All right, Katie. What's your top story in Hollywood news day, Tracy Morgan? Pretty much blasting Jesse small at we're gonna work into it. Because Jesse small at is it a lot of headlines. Find out what Tracy Morgan said to blast Jesse small et. Hollywood news coming up next. One.

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