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Cases of corona virus in that area but most if not all of the ads are going on as scheduled and this guy from Orlando is pretty happy about it I think there's a lot of hype to it everybody here seems to be okay with it now the crowds have been big all week so just the basic wash your hands a lot watch your hygiene still pretty serious business especially in Italy where the entire country is in lockdown and the outbreak of their hits a grim milestone more than ten thousand cases have been reported and six hundred plus people have been killed because of the virus CBS news correspondent Seth Doane says the prime minister of Italy is telling the entire country to stay home for those who ventured out social distancing was enforced there were temperature checks at ports and borders all to try to save the health system already under pressure because clothes every day Dr Jochem aggressively works in the hard hit northern regions of Lombardy he says they're seeing a tsunami of patients at a certain point we would not be able to defeat every nation Italy's prime minister is not excluding measures that would be even more restrictive and the virus is meaning more disappointing news for music fans to CBS news correspondent Deborah Rodriguez has this part of the story organizers have postponed April's Coachella fest in Indio California until October Frank ocean Travis Scott and rage against the machine were supposed to headline Neil Young has scrapped his Crazy Horse tour pointing out his older audience.

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