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Part of a planned American return to the moon. Peter King CBS news at the Kennedy Space Center, Grammy winning singer, Meghan Trainor, married. Actor Darryl Samara yesterday at the couple's Los Angeles home about one hundred guests attended the private backyard ceremony. The couple became engaged last year. On CBS news. It's four zero five at the bay area's news station, KCBS Christmas Eve day and night. Could be a wet one in the bay area. Good morning. I'm Peter Finch. Here's what's happening. A house fire in San Francisco's upscale Presidio heights neighborhood this Christmas Eve morning has sent to people to the hospital with burns. Flames broke out in the three story. Home on clay street between maple and cherry shortly before one AM this morning. The fire spread quickly. Multiple floors were involved with fire by the time. Firefighters arrive some people in the house, we're able to make it out on their own but to victims had to be rescued. They were transported to the burn unit at Saint Francis hospital. Some firefighters battling the blaze suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene. No word yet on the cause of that blaze. The raiders play what could be their final game ever at the Coliseum tonight, ending a total of forty three years of the silver and black and Oakland KCBS is Bob Butler report. Some fans are mad. Some really don't give a darn and others. Are planning to get season tickets in Las Vegas. There've been many ups and downs raider fans, the highs division titles and Super Bowl wins the lows of looting the team not once but now twice levonne swagger, taking it in stride. We're gonna miss him born and raised here..

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