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This week. Okay, Morgan, awhile in is here in studio. How are you, Bud? I'm doing good. How you doing? You're extremely fresh faced. Yeah, I had a mustache yesterday, but I woke up today and decided the o off with it. What happened because I was seeing that Wal Mart actually leaked your record. Like what? Do you know what that happen? Yeah, I just found out yesterday. Um, I guess a few Walmarts I don't know. Around there there was like I think it's like Wisconsin, Missouri. Some other places. Just put it out on the shelf too early, and then it's always out physical, which I think they may do that sometimes just to get it ready. But then it'll show up like unauthorized when you go to buy it. But they just started authorizing anyway. I think from what I can from what I understand, so, but that's how you know you made it when it's not just the accident. It's a leak. I mean, I'm fine with that. You know, I've honestly thought about doing something like that on purpose before, But this was an accident. There are 30 songs total on the two records. The target has, plus two Yes, only 32 overall. So how many songs do you write to trim it to 32? Uh, Don't know. Probably 100. Something like that, I would say. How long does it take you to write 100 songs? Uh, me. It probably took about 2.5 years. Um, I mean, you know some people, I think a lot somewhere just may write more than that. But for me, I don't write every day or right all the time. You know, just when it comes, it comes and goes for me, but I'd say it probably 2.5 years. I was looking at my phone before you came in. Amy, Listen to this. Morgan. Text me on Monday, December 28th at 7:50 a.m.. Which, by the way, it's done it. I thought my house is on fire. Someone to text me at 7 45 in the morning on the 20th. That was like, Oh, God. My phone's ringing. Like what? What happened? He goes hoping to Mary Christmas brother. Disclaimer. I was in the east. I was on Eastern Time zone. So it's 8 45 from what were you doing up? So all right during break? I don't know. I was like, What is he doing? I wasn't even up that early, and I replied back. I would like you to fancy you soon. And I was like, What is Morgan doing of it? Eight o'clock? You think that might have been? I was, I think I was headed to Charleston. What do you do for Christmas? Think I was listening to the radio, and you came on this. Okay, So it's like a best of show. I think so. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Got it. What was Christmas like for you? It was good man was white. And he said to say we had a white Christmas Sounds cool. I think the last time we had that was about 10 years ago. To spend it with my family man. It was miracle when you go back home, and I know where you grew up, and it's around Knoxville, But what's home? What do you call home when you go to town? Well, Knoxville and Stephen both, um You know, I spent a majority of my time and knocks feel growing up. I'd say probably around 10 years, but I spent five or six in Stateville, and that's where I was born. That's where a lot of my family's from, so I just kind of concern both my home If you go to a restaurant, or you go to chili's or something, Do you start seeing people grow up Morgan Wall into Chili's I don't go there, right. You're just going to just chill. Yeah, remember 25..

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