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Well, it's called last chance youth because they basically take a bunch of other d one players that were like highly recruited, failed out, failed out or drugs, or even some criminal charges in some cases, assault and then pending charges. The charges are dropped, bring them all in and try to, you know. On a little bit, but I think it's in season two. Only a couple episodes in the coach saw season one. The cameras like like hard knocks, kind of a deal. He saw season one and realize, oh my gosh, I'm Cussing way too much, and he's trying to turn it down the season. So I don't know if it's the greatest show ever, but as a former football guy and as season just started again, I eat that stuff. Are you watching Saul art? Oh yeah. Can we just say Jonathan banks, Mike travel? I now want to spend off just him every scene. I'm like, God, I love this guy. And then that commercial they run every week to, oh, I love and the best part about that commercial is after the whatever the DC politician does his pitch. Jonathan banks goes Cole. It's my tell you. But if you said I just I notice the better call. Saul keeps planting plots seeds every week this. Yeah, this was a bittersweet episode. Yeah. With Kim Wexler. Yeah. And you start to end by the way we are seeing soul become soul now, right? We're seeing Jimmy really become so any. He's he's rejecting all the paths that would have brought him into the light and he's really embracing being a criminal, you know, bringing Ben? Yeah, he really is breaking you start to see it. Yeah, anyways, I finished Ozark. Yeah, and I didn't like it as much as season one, but the, you know, they've set up a season three and and you know it held me, it kept me. So how do you think of that in breaking Ben? Similar light? Yeah, style the last week, Jen Chaney was here, and she said, the problem with Ozark is at wants to be breaking bad, but you know, I like it and I'll watch season three. That's all the matters. Right. I, you know, this is a movie I came. I mentioned this a few weeks back if I have forget it. I'm getting old and just forgive me, but movie. I saw recently that I had not seen it first came out with chef that I've mentioned that. Oh, yeah. Miss that on its first run, and now it's making the rounds on cable was so good. What a wonderful movie, everything you want in a movie. It's just everything. It's just fantastic and Robert Downey junior sort of reef cameo in that is so odd and off putting and it's just brilliant. That's the iron man payback. It is. It is. Yeah, and I don't know. I love John favor when just about everything he's done. In that to John is rate everybody that's in. It is great in their own Oliver Platt is, yeah, that's a lot of fun. So if you haven't seen it and you're like, came out a few years ago. I don't wanna watch it. Go and watch it. I think I think it really enjoyed very cool movie. Yeah. And especially a great example of the small independent, you know, little just for fun moving and it really goes and apparently Fabra the movie was like, I don't know what this would of term would be, but that was it was a reflection of of the film industries like I'm gonna leave being a big chef. I do it in truck. And I'm going to not do the big blockbuster. I want to do the small indie film and really get back to the roots of what is about what I love. So Fabra directed several iron man's and now wants to get back to the food truck equivalent of making little movies, which was Schiff. Yes. What do you think of Bradley Cooper saying that he wants to direct that's interest act anymore? We were talking about this last night. It's almost he's trying to be the Kevin Costner the Mel Gibson how they directed themselves and won the Oscar. I. I mean, I support it. I mean, I've enjoyed watching him grow. I mean, when I first in wedding crashers thought he was hilarious. And then of course, the hangover movies and Larry, right? Silver linings in American hustle where David dome, oh, he has a little more and then American sniper. He act..

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