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New townhouse communities are going up all over prince George's county, but if real estate is all about location, some county council members are questioning where these communities are going up. A bill being introduced today would enact a two year pause on new townhome construction outside of what are defined as transit oriented hubs in the county. And it's really about less ball. And right now, prince George's county has a lot of sprawl. Council member Walla blague is the lead sponsor of the bill. She says there's a market for new developments in places like Bowie and brandywine. If they move there, they're going to complain about the roads about the traffic about the fact that they don't have infrastructure in that area. It would still allow for single-family homes outside of transit oriented zones. That is less dense. And that fits the character of the area. In Largo, John dome in WTO, he news. All right, drivers are you hoping to trade in that gas guzzler for an electric vehicle? You've got to get in line first, more people want an EV in that demand has pushed up the prices. So is it worth buying some kind of electric vehicle right now? Maybe a used one. Here's Washington Post climate coach columnist Michael J coran. He was on WTO earlier. Both used and leases are actually a great way to get around some of the restrictions on the tax credit. Use DV is a smaller tax credit, but it doesn't have any restrictions on the model or make. And so that's an excellent way to get into the market. But only kept is, can you find them? So that's going to be a hard thing. And similarly, leases also sidestep some of those restrictions. So that's a great way to get into the market if you want to. Warren says the average EV is about $58,000, but he expects that cost to come down in the next few years. We also had a colleague of his on from the post a little earlier this evening to report that Walmart and Sam's Club they're going to be installing thousands and thousands of EV charging stations right there in their store parking lots. Stay with us. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by maximus, moving people and technology forward and we're going to rob wood fork. All right, even without their star players in the second game of a back to back the capital sphere pretty well in Boston, but still fell to the NHL best bruins by a score of 5 to two, the nationals and angels, bottom of the first inning in LA, Shohei Ohtani shrugging off a pair of walks to get out of the inning, Josiah gray off to a fine start getting the first two outs on just 6 pitches in this bottom of the first. Now how about the night Ryan mount castle had in Baltimore? High fly ball left field. Did he yes he did. As grand as it gets. 456 feet, a 9. Count them. 9. RBI nights. For Ryan mount castle. Yeah, you

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