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I think next to soccer. It's like second so yeah you just need that big base of cardio fitness so everybody that races cycles. Whether it's most everybody road bike and mountain bike you can get yeah with road biking you get more sustained like heart rate zone. I'm gonna keep it here for this amount of time or i'm going to build up to this and whatever but with mountain biking it's more of like sprint chill sprint. Shell so like slight interval china. Yeah so that. That's a huge huge I've probably spent more more hours on the bicycle during the week than i would. On your bike so yes so as far as training goes headlong. Would you start training seriously full before rice. Give me a rundown of what that training regime looks like foia. Yeah so we race. From the start of january to the end of august so we do like supercross. Would you seventeen races in eighteen weeks. So it's just gogo so you kinda sustained throughout the year but then like right before november to the end of december is like we call bouquet So it's eight weeks of like just putting yourself through health like digging yourself in a hole and then leave enough time after that to recover before the season starts four days of riding during the week and then usually three or four days of jim and then probably same three or four days. Two days like i would go straight from the track to the gym or straight to the track to meet up with friends on a bicycle. Ride my taxing modest off. Honestly i would have thought black riding bicycle rotting wood. Abang whole i. But i didn't know about all the other stuff like jim training and all that stuff. Yeah for sure yeah. It's a it's a lot like during those months. It is brutal. Like that's the part of the year that i hated the most was was the november december time of the year. Because we were putting ourselves through hell a lot of the days you show up at the track and you can't even like hold yourself up because you're so tired and not every day is going to be your fastest down the track which is frustrating. But yeah it is. It is absolutely brutal and then during the season you you kind of taper off. You're trying to maintain that strength that you built and racing alone. The race is is a lot of writing so that kinda counts as has a training day. You really only ride like three times during the week and to those are pretty light cycling just to maintain and jim work just to maintain. You're not doing a lot of building during the season because you are building with the racing so it's grew. I like actually right before my big injury. I started introducing mental training. Because that was like the one thing i was like. I have everything going on. Like what can i do to win. Like i was second in points. So i went to mental therapist. The one that. I'm still seeing right now. And that's how i met. Her was actually through my team manager of the honda racing team and As an athlete. You're so hard on yourself like even when you win you're like what could i have done right or what could have done better on. So she kind of introduced mental exercises to pick the good parts out in the kind of dissect everything and put everything in a category like okay. This is what he did. Good news winning to work. Not be so focused on the things that a hundred on right during the the race or the train week might. That's amazing to hit that. Do you think that if you'd Took up to mental fitness training..

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