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All things legal this call two six oh one eight seventy you can't text this because we can't do that yet but I will get out there on the phone the morning Albert Hey Doug how are you good good we're OB we're under a new set up here where the odd Debbie Debbie L. was kind enough to set up a home studio in god's country in Mandeville so we're in our living room and got Albert home and so we are back on air after two and a half months and Michelle thank you for walking across the hallway join us thank you Hey Albert how are you Hey Michelle how's everything I'm great thanks all right Albert with the first ball you doing well if you are reading is getting out of I've been pretty much at the office and since this all started I mean we you know we we have an office where each of the lawyers is in their own office and you know the secretarial area is you know that the people that work in there above far enough apart so we've been we've been managing pretty well of course the receptionist up front she's been up there by ourselves the world in social distancing which we've sort of been doing for the last twenty years right that's kind of how the set up is you know a lot of this stuff I guess talking on the go with rules and regulations yeah a lot of it just doesn't make sense to me you know that that people can buy clothes at Walmart but can't buy clothes at the little boutique where you can really manage the number of people coming and you know the you you can go to a academy sporting goods because that's an essential place for some reason but a bit of business downtown can't open up and you know steeple sit at their desks in their offices and again that's all changed today but we're still only at a twenty five percent capacity you know you've got people working in kitchens and it's funny because I was told by one of the of the restaurant owners that the people out front that are serving you food need to wear a mask but the people in the kitchen that are preparing your food don't need to wear a mask so it's it's just it seems like there's a real lack of science behind all of these rules I think as people well there's plenty of science is not common sense may be lacking in what I want to do in a little while is you you the attorney for the hospitality R. with was it with the hospitality at a dollar amount ation and I was going to ask you some questions about that later in the show about you know the regulations now and you know they sound good on paper and they sound good theoretically and they sound great for some insulated bureaucrat who has never run a business but I was just going to ask you to you know later talk about the realities of trying to operate right now and you know would you know what why in theory it it probably doesn't work but hello what would it today I mean we we normally talk about sports the first half an hour and we don't we we really want to do today is just talk about there's a lot of covert nineteen related legal issues for your businesses will gain personally R. E. you know cove it has also I had some issues you know families you know T. as far as difficulties that arise from that expression you know with custody so if you had to cope with you know related questions are we we're you know we'd like to address that because you know SBA the P. P. P. you know E. IDL loans anything like that that is you need to know we're here you know we could probably if we don't know the answer could probably get you in the right direction so he gives call two six zero okay L. to six L. one A. seventy and we got J. E. he's on the phone while he's got a question regarding a code nineteen opinion which I think most everybody does have one what about all things may but I'm retired Wallace got us you notify you doing certain things there's certain things you can live without during this thing but it's hard to live without you all on a Sunday morning all man the I was I was going to go with LSU sports but there there there you go J. we'll preview that this very nice how you doing how you feeling good right now yeah and online but now but I agree totally which I don't understand it been going to the neighborhood Walmart I can't go to the superstore Walmart drive me insane but an academy sports and everything but you can't go to a little place I don't understand that yeah it makes no sense I'm just I'm baffled by a lot of it you know the fact that is the the doctor Fauci you know is is saying we really shouldn't open schools and and in August that's crazy because if you don't open schools yup you don't open the economy too many parents are or double income families and somebody's got to stay home with the kids since we're not gonna have daycare is taking care of kids because you're gonna have daycare with a bunch of kids you might as well have school well it's just there's a lot of things that are that are the edges I I know it's a serious thing but I just feel like you know it's getting really out of whack you know over exaggerated I mean Jeez and treat the man that I know now you know you can't you can't said near some body you know and stuff like that I don't know I mean I like Monday biz they both got corona virus and they will over in two days yeah yeah very every different person people don't know they have it some people get really sick some people course die from it if if if they have a a pre existing you know condition that would be conducive to this but and a lot of this has been talked about over and over and over again a fortune fortunately it's always seen as the corona smelled flashing on every news channel for the last two months you know and so you could really get consumed with it and over concerned with it but I think today would like to try to talk to some of the the legal aspect of it and you know what you just at the city of New Orleans from what I understand you're a policeman what were the place for more randomly stopping people and asking them where they were going I mean of course that how much can definition of our constitutional rights in the course you can just land believe me they on Dalton's because most Cobb really of course they are most guys really don't care where do you go about coming from unless you are a criminal you know what if they don't want to stop you a dog all dogs why even say where you go all in and the cops don't want to do that really exactly exactly yeah I mean you know you got people from all over the country different jurisdictions you know the mayor of Chicago was with had this nasty tone in her voice we're going to come after you if you're not gonna social distance we were pulling our police force to enforce that you know twenty people got shot over the weekend and in Chicago why don't we use our police force properly you know and and try to prevent some of that as opposed to you know a crowd of fifteen people on the on the street corner the I. out exactly at it I mean you know and from your brother being a cop and dog in you would you know Joe is a law you know profession stuff like that it's it's I don't know it is just getting out of hand you know but doctors warn died as Doug's wife real quick you estranged amorous yes well since there that determines you she said your brother's land go to brother Martin those are my cousins okay yeah that is my dad's that was my dad's first cousin yes my second cousin John okay John the numbers because I went to school with a couple of Deborah's that's All I Want I went to Baltimore have a suggestion my dad went to Jesuit now J. if you want to product a step up from brother Martin what's that and of course you have.

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