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There was an article in the latest alert diver magazine from divers alert network that talked about diving in green protected areas well I thought I dive a little bit deeper into just what a marine protected area is so as always do a little research going out and found that there's a lot of great information out there on the National Oceanographic in administrate an atmospheric administration webs site under Marine Protected Areas DOT N-O-A-A DOT GOV in it was tracing it back as to how just marine protected areas came to be being in a pointed me in the direction of an executive order by the president of the United States and it was an executive order one three one in five eight that was signed by President Bill Clinton in May of two thousand and the purpose of the executive order her was to help protect significant natural and cultural resources within the marine environment for the benefit of present in future generations by strengthening and expanding the national system of marine protected areas so back in two thousand President Clinton in was looking to expand marine protected areas as a result of that we can now say that there are twelve hundred under it marine protected areas in the United States and they encompass three point two million square kilometers of space that represents twenty six percent of all the US waters out there and twenty three percent prohibited commercial fishing and to put it in perspective the marine protected areas cover about one point four times the amount of the land space of the United States but the definition of a marine protected area is any area of the marine environment that has been reserved by federal all state territorial tribal or local laws or regulations to provide lasting protection for part or all the natural and cultural resources there in now it didn't all start in two thousand it actually traces back to the early nineteen seventies and way back then there was a law passed called the National Marine Sanctuary Act and that was signed in one thousand nine hundred seventy two and it had been amended and reauthorized several times now why did they pass this law back in nineteen Seventy two well as early as one thousand nine hundred sixty eight there were eleven bills introduced into Congress because of various things we're going on particularly there was concern about the dumping of nerve gas and oil waste off the coast of Florida and then all the law passed the law has been amended several times nineteen eighty eighty four eighty eight ninety to ninety six and again the last time time was in two thousand in it actually authorized funding at the time through two thousand and five and it went from thirty two million in funding up to forty million in two thousand and five if you read that law a little bit it talks about the it the marine protected areas fall under the secretary of Commerce there are procedures written in there for how they get designated the prohibited activities that should or could not occur in a sanctuary the enforcement aspects of it for example a criminal offenses six months in jail plus a fine or if you're a weapon used or bodily injury ten years and then civil elise can be up to one hundred thousand dollars per day there's researching education associated with it and then things around destroyed Auctioning loss of the environment while I was a little curious about where the money comes from for marine protected areas marine sanctuaries and I guess it's under the Noah budget so I looked into the Noah budget for both two thousand nineteen thousand in twenty the good news for two thousand and nineteen was even though the current administration tried to cut back the Noah budget significantly it was fun the to almost its full requirements but that's not the the end of the news The two thousand and twenty budget calls for some significant cuts in the Noah budget specifically in the areas of ocean and coastal management services and climate research so hopefully those funding will be restored so we can continue on the great work on the marine protected areas in the great work that no is doing I did notice in the The brochure for the Dima Conference or Dima show that there will be a a presentation called diving in to your ocean parks in lending your voice and it's going to be by John Armor director of Noah's Ocean in National Marine Sanctuary so I'm hoping that I'll be the gets the funding necessary.

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