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Through March third. This is the hour sauce. We last week we talked about the most depressing songs if you talk about the happy songs here. Here's something something really wild. Going through Twitter. You can follow me a real Steve trip, and I see a tweet from Kim Kardashian west and the tweet says no big deal. Kenny Judy in my living room, happy Valentine's Day. And they're literally is Kenny. Kenny G is standing in his. House living room with a whole bunch of single in business. Around him throughout this giant room, and he's playing to the echo, and as as they Pat out and move over this. Smile on his face. Gene has times been this rougher Kenji that he's down to play in Kim Kardashian and Kanye west living room. Notice that the. Video has over five and a half million hits. And not to mention or dashikis point five million followers. So he probably got bigger exposure from this employees Kim Kardashian living room. I can't think of any any bigger audience. He's ever reached right because we sixty million.

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