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Take a listen WWJ news time nine thirty three Dearborn firefighters could be back to work out of the Melvin Dale station on Oakwood Boulevard come Monday that according to vice president of local four twelve Adam feral he says firefighters have been working out of the Melvin del recreation center in the meantime do the mold found in their station you know since you were there for twenty four hours right you have to have a place for the bathroom living quarters they've been able to respond to their calls appropriately and there's been no reports are issues that they haven't been able to respond to those in a timely manner Farrell says an investigation into how long the mold has been there is currently under way contractors have removed the problem and continue to monitor the air to see when it will be safe for the Dearborn fire crews across the world Turkish officials say a six point eight magnitude earthquake rocked a sparsely populated area of the eastern section of the country Friday killing at least eighteen people injuring more than five hundred and leaving some thirty people trapped in the wreckage of toppled buildings rescue teams from neighboring provinces were dispatched to the affected areas working in the dark with a flood lights in the freezing cold troops were on stand by to help hundreds of residents were left homeless or with damaged homes back on our side of the world to people are confirmed dead after a massive explosion at a Houston industrial company police chief art Acevedo says authorities don't believe today's of this morning's explosion was intentional even know a criminal investigation is under way also you know asked residents who live nearby to search their homes and neighborhoods for any debris including body parts and to contact police if they find anything that could aid in the investigation the explosion happened about four thirty AM inside a building and Watson grinding in manufacturing they make valves and provide thermal spray coatings for equipment in various industries Democrats in the Virginia house are advancing a package of gun control measures less than a week after tens of thousands of pro gun advocates from all around the country rallied at the state capitol but the bills did not include a proposed assault weapons ban a top priority for governor Ralph Northam and one that's drawn fierce resistance from gun rights advocates a Democrat led a house committee voted Friday for several pieces of gun legislation the Republican majority has blocked for years those bills include limiting handgun purchases to once a month and universal background checks on gun purchases it's legislation back at home here in Michigan to enforce a woman's right to choose my bill would actually require an abortion provider to inform a woman of a treatment that could reverse the effects of the abortion pill state representative Beth Griffin says women in Michigan are never informed of such an option it's good information to share and it is not a new treatment it's a simple protest around either injection or pill that you get the woman to help hold on you know essentially to the pregnancy the southwest Michigan Republican is introducing legislation as the March for life really takes place in Washington DC a visible show of support for those who want to restrict abortion access WWJ news time is nine thirty seven the federal judge overseeing the bankruptcy case of oxycontin maker Purdue pharma has set a June thirtieth deadline to file claims against the company that includes governments entities such as hospitals and for the first time individuals with personal injury claims there is no guarantee that people who became addicted to opioids or their families would receive any money the judge emphasize that those claims to be open only to people who believe they were harmed by per do you plan to spend almost twenty four million dollars to advertise the deadline that's unusually large amount of money to notify potential creditors in a bankruptcy case delta airlines being fined fifty thousand dollars for ordering three Muslim passengers off planes after the airlines on security officials cleared them to fly delta denies any wrongdoing but admits it could handle the situations differently the US transportation department released a consent order in the cases today the government was requiring that delta employees involved in the incidents get cultural sensitivity training one case involved a Muslim couple kicked off a delta plane in Paris it involved a man booked a delta flight from Amsterdam to New York both cases happen back in twenty sixteen coming up next the official portrait of president Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are taking it to work we'll have those details just ahead WWJ news WWE news time nine thirty eight excuse me tragedy were together every ten minutes.

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