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There so we are starting the Lopez fan band dance challenge if you could please shoot up fifteen second video of you and your family breaking it down to whatever song you want and send it to us at on with Mario dot com we'll put on the website will replay them on our social I will have a lot of fun because we've got something kind of cool brewing so have fun with it yeah and next after the dance contest will be doing a spelling contest which we will not be hosting more details more for next what do you makes it easy to bundle home and auto insurance and the whole bit hard work rotavirus what you need to know now people in LA county could get more help covering the rent the board of supervisors has moved forward on an emergency rental assistance program the tennis and it's also going there's a billion people in LA county yeah right the provider Janice Hahn says the program could be paid for with money from federal coronavirus emergency funding the program would provide as much as one thousand dollars a month to help people impacted by the pandemic pay rent seven crew members on the Naval Hospital ship docked at the port of LA had been diagnosed with COPD in nineteen they are being isolated off the ship the mercy got LA late last month it initially was only treating non covert nineteen patients the governor Newsom announced last week the ship was going to start taking on people from nursing homes who have or are suspected to have the virus that's the latest I'm Gina grad for more info visit our sister station KFI am six forty dot com listen for up to twelve chances every day the text and win one thousand dollars while we wait for life to get back to normal there are still some bills today think about how much.

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