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About this time of year most years a lot of people start dreaming about their upcoming ski trips but this year is possibly the weirdest year ever for skiers and snowboarders last year marked a turning point in which two giant conglomerates took over the ski industry in two thousand eighteen. Colorado private equity firm called k. s. l. partners got together with another investor and launch the multibillion dollar altera mountain company altera snapped up big-name resorts including steamboat springs mammoth resorts in california and deer valley resorts l. Terrorism enormous rival vail resorts went on a buying spree to last year. Veil the biggest ski resort company in north america continued scouring the country for acquisitions the bottom line. These dueling mega corporations as the wall street journal. Call them bought. Most of north america's top snow resorts and started selling ski passes that work at dozens of locations in twenty nineteen veils. Epic pass was good. At sixty nine different global resorts alturas icon. Got you into forty-one resorts from colorado steamboat. Ski resort to switzerland zermatt. The numbers climbed even higher. During the two thousand twenty ski season their strategies aggressive acquisitions and virtual multi mountain season passes allowed the to dominate the industry. If you're a ski company mogul the financial future. Looked amazing notice. I use the past tense. There there's not an industry exact who saw cove at nineteen coming or how it would devastate the industry last march. More than ninety percent of america's resort shut their doors abruptly as a whole. The industry lost about two billion dollars. According to the national ski areas association veils fiscal twenty. Twenty revenues fell thirty percent. Altera is privately owned but likely to affect the same pain so you might assume that. The outlook is pretty dark this season. Well you might be wrong. At production time vale. Stock price was close to a record high. Almost two hundred eighty dollars a share. That seems head-spinning. On the one hand you have an industry that relies on traveling and gathering together in a year when both restricted but so far the outlook for vail tara is far from that of a year without snow. Sales avail season passes of already surged twenty percent this year reports the colorado sons jason blevins. Why with indoor activities. Few and far between outdoor recreation of all kinds has skyrocketed moreover to comply with regional cova capacity restrictions. Some resorts are restricting. Day lift tickets. They're giving first dibs to. You've got it. Season pass holders vail now. Terra designed multi mountain. Ski passes as a way to make sales all year long and take a little of the sting out of paying the lift ticket window but now a season pass has become almost essential for snow lovers. If you don't have one you might not ski at all and even if you do you'll have to reserve your trip ahead of time. Once you're there the experience will be very different. Not surprisingly you'll have to social distance in lift lines at some resorts. You won't be allowed on a lift or gondola with anyone. But the companions you came with most indoor dining in bars or closed you may have to reserve a parking space and the resorts would prefer that you steal a day off mid week and skip that weekend skiing. These safety precautions are designed to keep ski resorts open and keep skiers and snowboarders lining up with their boots keys and wallet. If cova cases start climbing near your favourite mountain though it could all change overnight in the meantime we have a few words of wisdom for you. The intrepid skier be patient. Watch out on those double black diamonds and don't forget. Bring your lunch

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