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That triggered by visual things like uh like in a movie a for a first person p o v word the the movie a shot from someone's point of view and um i doubt really makes that gives that makes me feel really sick that gives me more motion sickness and vertigo but sometimes my dizziness can also be triggered by low light if i'm in a room um a dark and uh it's this thing where i can't my depth perception is off because it's dark so i can't really my eyes have trouble focusing on stuff guts that's a horrible one and then um and then i get the version the classic version where the room is actually spinning like if i open my eyes and i don't know how i still don't understand how the brain tricks me into thinking i understand how it fell you can feel like the roma spinning but how you can have your eyes open and it looks like the room is spinning when it's not i i still don't understand that i need to get any anti on the show to talk about that um i know a few i want to set that up but there are so many different causes of vertigo um i think a lot of the times i get it when i am dehydrated it's a classic symptom of dehydration is dizziness and i we busy and i've talked about this i hate water it's like salad it's just their eat drink it in an there's no taste and it's just blah.

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