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Thanks a lot buddy the one and only milk i between right he wasn't even a on espn radio and at eight say espn it's inundate seven to not we seven seven six you heard what melkite ahead say he said a lot which means you should have a lot of reactions and i'll be waiting for them up next you listening lot stephen smith stephen smith show he has radio we cities to college hoops experts one range rover sport espn's reese davis and jay bilas embark of the ultimate tournament road trick doesn't this time of year get you going like no other time it's everything that's wonderful about storytelling and drama and sports and competition we gotta do something that's never been done before i'm gonna make my mark with this sis along the way from christian leitner i hit one big shot twenty five years ago and i still remember for today and paul pierce wanna pull off that abbott shot donna put into one come on now not to be mentally and physically ready setting the stage in san antonio for never been done before challenge to destination spy gorgeous great for big moment i think well you came through now the problem is i have to come through their big moment awaits watch espn dot com slash range rover sport land rover above and beyond you're listening to the stephen a smith show podcast welcome back to the stephen a smith show espn radio presented by progressive insurance protecting small businesses the big deal cover what you worked so hard for visit progressive commercial dot com thanks again a great mel kiper junior for breaking down so much stuff that he broke down josh rosen reasons to be concerned about him sam donald very little very little reason to be concerned about him in josh allen out of wyoming lord have mercy would this upside everybody's talking about that this guy has maybe he's the second coming to dan marino we don't know by the way lamar jackson i loved effect and he said this kid out of louisville former heisman trophy winner is going to be a first round pick because i think he deserves that level of consideration i don't think there's any question about that by the way some other news for you just so you know gotta get this stuff out of the way ladies and gentlemen a number one.

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