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Mentioned just before the break there. It's 1 20 that we were going to talk about. What will a Joe Biden presidency? What does that look like? What does it mean to Illinois and to Chicago? And what kinds of local folks What names we might recognise, may also be tapped, too. He and his administration. Lynn Sweet, the Washington bureau chief scribe sometimes joins us to talk about this. Lynn. How you doing? Great Thanks for having me on things coming down their little Washington Or is it done just as exciting as always, never come when you're bringing in a new president. So now there's plenty plenty to report on the departure. President Trump And the incoming president. Yeah, I'll say, but let's get to some of the bigger stuff in a second. But just just just here, you know, locally looking at Illinois and what Abidin President might mean to us here, you know you, you know, obviously, In the past, there's been a contentious relationship between President Trump and our governor and mayor to say the very least, and now that will look very different. What does that translate into the input in terms of stuff we should care about? Well, okay, so the Chicago hating by the president of the United States is done, so that's number one on that was the source of friction that was totally unnecessary. So in the new chapter, you're going to have a president who's sympathetic to helping cities and states whether or not their sanctuary cities and whether or not they're led by Democrats. So that that's just a starter. Whether or not the main thing both the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago, need from the federal government in the wake of the economic collapse because of covet is money. Well, they haven't been able to get it out of this. Congress because many sticking points. It's still not clear yet if if the Senate would go along, and that that's why we're in a little bit of suspense, because we don't know for sure whether the Democrats or Republicans will control the Senate at the You have two Democrats control all branches of government. It would be very good. Financially for Chicago and the state of Illinois. Yeah, I was looking at that they were made. Mayor Lightfoot was asked about that because she's got to put her budget together. And she obviously does not think by the time she needs to have that budget together and approved by her alderman that They'll know whether or not cities or states are going to get any kind of funds for to help help with these these times. And so she's putting that together. It really does hinge. Don't you think on whether or not there is divided Congress or not land? Well, I think the brokering though Here's the difference. You had two thumbs against the scale against Democratic states and cities because you had the Republican Senate and the White House against him. Now you have only one thumb on the scale, so I think some progress will be made. Especially if the rhetoric is Lord. It's easier to make the case that when you ate the bill, for example, that the House passed, I think it may now would have helped 2000 local governments. Roughly. That's an estimate in Illinois. Some of those governments are Republican run. Some aren't but they would help people no matter their politics. Maybe we could call the writer Rick on this. And, you know, be a little more analytical and figuring out how to restart economies. Yeah, I thinkit's a great discussion. It's an important one. I think the other piece of that is the stimulus money. We talk about this all the time with the financial folks. When's that come in? Because folks are relying on that their businesses have been shut down their work. Their ability to work has been shut down, and there still doesn't seem to be much sign of any stimulus money coming their way. Do you think that changes now? Lynn? Is there some movement understanding that that's a priority or what? What do you thought there? Well, I think there is a priority. Whether or not it could get done in the lame duck session, which is starting now. I don't know. A lot depends on what the willingness will be of Mitch McConnell to bend. But as a practical matter, I wouldn't count on President Trump signing any bill that he thinks helps Democrats on his way out the door. Even if he's going to. He's got to be hearing. I mean, he's the one who said that, you know, look, Let's not get something done now. Get something done now for the people for the people. You You don't think if they were to prove something that he could have walked out a month ago, nothing changed. So I we have a president who has not yet acknowledged. History feed and I get that and we have a lot of ministers out there who You may want more time to pass before the election is to their mind result and I respect that The Electoral College doesn't meet until December. I think the process which I would like to address now, so I think that it was heated. Everything going forward is to coin The heat here and one keeping two. This is two having a lot of people believe that yes, indeed. Joe Biden won the presidency faring square. Justice Donald Trump won the presidency fair and square. Let the process work out if the Trump campaign has lawsuit has legitimate grounds to challenge ballots. I hope they do that. And don't give rhetoric about illegal votes, go to court and tell us the evidence..

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