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Left the Capitol tonight without a deal on a new coronavirus relief bill. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says they're closing in on an agreement. The American people need more help. It's that simple for their targeted relief is now months overdue. The package being considered would include about $900 billion for additional federal weekly unemployment benefits, help for hard hit businesses and a $600 payment to most people in this country. It's likely the package will be combined with other must pass legislation, including a $1.4 Trillion federal spending plan. President elect Joe Biden adds a former opponent to his list of Cabinet nominees. Maybe sucker, McGann reports, Biden has selected a diverse groups. So far, Biden had already tabbed the first black defense secretary and the first Latina health and human services chief, now the first ever openly gay nominee to lead the Cabinet department, choosing 38 year old Pete Buddha judge as transportation secretary, adding youth to an incoming administration dominated by veteran Washington hands, a new voice New ideas determine to move past old politics. If confirmed boo digits would be tasked with carrying out by those proposals to spend billions on major infrastructure improvements. SOCCER MAHOGANY Washington Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell says a key interest rate will remain near zero. As the economy continues to struggle. During the pandemic. We will continue to increase our holdings of Treasury securities by at least 80 billion per month. And of agency mortgage backed securities by at least 40 billion per month until substantial further progress has been made toward our maximum employment and price stability goals. Fed officials painted a brighter picture of for the economy next year, compared with its last projections back in September. This is AP News. Finds their Corona virus vaccine makes it to nursing home residents in Florida Nursing home patients in Florida are being vaccinated. Governor Rhonda Santa's wants this done as quickly as possible as you have this protection. You can have people return to more sense of normalcy. First to get the shot at John Knox Village near Fort Lauderdale 88 year old Vera leap. Was she excited on? How.

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