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Know your favorite genome. It's not it's not yet So efficient that the problem with all of this for humid's for big know animals to get into all of your cells. We're not there yet. We're a long long way from that but to do it. In one cell like like or modify virus or modify a bacteria That's now trivial. And that's that's kind of the the thing about the arguments that just to bring it home. That sars kobe to some people. Say well there's no footprint of classic genetic engineering well with with christopher cas nine there no footprints. It just goes in clean so that that argument. You know we can't it. It changes everything. 'cause you can't track stuff in the same way and it becomes Pretty easy to do stuff. So that's that's a little spooky right. Yeah we are. We're entering a whole new world just a whole world. Dr robert malone thank you for spending the time Over the last three days being on the program you find you find you really refreshing that you haven't brought politics into any of it just reason and common sense. Thank you so much god. Bless my pleasure. This is the best of the glenn beck program and don't forget rate ups on this. Is.

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