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The the the idea that you're that you're raising the level of of combativeness with allan fung is feasible to me yeah he took a shot at you and he's trying to promote a theory that you're in cahoots and i'm sure that runs across your your rear end and i understand why it would cause i know i don't believe it but others might but it's this kind of stuff my play this from last week that the has me scratching my head hold on you want you think the governor of the state of rhode island should be arrested by the justice department if she's protecting a legal immigrants i said are against it are violating federal law i think he should be arrested she's breaking along like anybody out you know joe is that kind of it's kind of ridiculous nonsense that that that slashes your credibility this you wanna rephrase on gina raimondo whether she ought to be arrested or not hypothetically in in theory or practically and i said this to you fifty million times you're a wordsmith you take everything in you analyze every word you know it it's a form of speech with me it's it's it's too takes to maybe strengthen the fact that how much that she's done wrong too but against the federal government and i think we're gonna see a level of all lovell come down from the federal government they could reach into these mayors did a gut the sanctuary states going in the and the governor who in rhode island is is encouraging sanctuary say to exist i think you could see these people get arrested so so you can't have it both ways.

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