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Top stories were following for you on WTO, president Joe Biden, says he will move on gun control during the lame duck session of Congress before the Republican Party takes control of the house next year. Early voting underway in several Georgia counties ahead of the Senate runoff election between democratic senator Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger, Herschel Walker. Ukrainians fling the port city of kirsan after basic necessities, like water, heat, and electricity have been cut off due to repeated Russian attacks, present zelensky, hosting a conference on food security with western leaders. Stay with us at WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. It is one 17, the number of police officers retiring is increasing and new recruits are in short supply. At the Tulsa police department, Cheyenne Walden was not part of a full graduating class of recruits. It's something I've always wanted to do, so it's not a job. Tulsa police chief Wendell Franklin is struggling to fill about 150 spots. There was a lot of scrutiny placed upon law enforcement and I think that that soured a lot of interested people that wanted to go into the profession. While new officer hirings were down in the last three years, a survey by a national organization of police executives shows retirement and resignation rates jumped higher. That CBS News correspondent Omar via franca. It is one 18. Trafficking weather on the 8th and when it breaks, his college Ramirez in the traffic center. Thanks Ralph, the outer loop of the beltway still dealing with the response for the vehicle fire. As you make your way towards the Baltimore Washington park where you will find the response along the left hand side of the roadway, I'm counting at least two lanes blocked. On the left hand side, in fact, it may be more than that. It seems like traffic is only getting by single file along the right hand side of the roadway, and if you're getting onto the outer loop from the VW Parkway, it seems the incident happened right by the actual on ramp. So once you get onto the VW park where you'll slow down very dramatically, as you try to make your way into that one single file lane of traffic. So again, that's because the vehicle fire is make way past the BW Parkway towards one 93. Delays are minimal, so you do approach the incident at speed, watch out for the flashing lights. I 95, BW Parkway, completely up to speed in either direction. I two 70, a little slow there as I make way towards urbana. They like to set up a work zone here every now and again. I don't see them in camera, but if you see them before I do, one 8 6 6 three O four WTO is the traffic zipline. Things in the district looking okay. If you're headed into the district from Virginia across the 14th street bridge, it looks like we still have a disabled vehicle over on the right hand side. So stay down towards the center of the roadway or towards the left, and you should be able to get past it. There are no delays across the bridge. So again, you will approach at speed, just be ready to move over. Three 95 otherwise headed southbound looks good towards the Springfield interchange, no worries as you had onto the beltway itself. The beltway had a pass tysons and up towards the American legion bridge up to speed, no issues on 66, and of course I 95 from the Fredericksburg area through Stafford woodbridge and Springfield all up to speed. If you're headed down branch avenue towards brandywine or Waldorf, no issues there, to ten, headed towards akaki all up to speed as well. Remember to download the WTO app if you happen to miss a report, you can go in there, listen back to it. And you can even send us a voice message in case you find an incident out there. Carlos Ramirez, WTO be traffic. No, let's take

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